Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

We have all heard of a New Year's Resolution. In case you haven't I will give you a quick background.

New Year's Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It's a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes.

Now let us be honest here, think back to past years when you made a Resolution for the New Year, do you really remember your resolution? Did you really follow through on it during the whole year? My answer is no, I don't remember my New Year's Resolution. I, also know for a fact that I haven't been able to carry out a resolution for the whole year.

This coming year 2011, wow so weird to say, I have three resolutions. I think that I will be able to follow through on them. I am certainly going to try my hardest. I know one of them is not really a typical resolution, but it is something for me that I want to do and keep up with. The other two are things I really need to work on.

My first resolution is Blog more. That is right I want to blog more, get back in the grove of blogging. I have a big year coming up, between graduating, turning 18, going to college and starting my own life, I want to keep it all in memory. I want to be able to reflect on the days that will soon pass by entirely to fast. I believe that this blog will help do just that.

The second one is more of a resolution, Try to stop putting myself down. I have this real bad habit of putting myself down. No matter how many times some one could reassure me that I was pretty and had good looks, I would look in the mirror and pick myself apart piece by piece. This coming year I am not going to put myself down.

Last but not least, I am going to be true to myself. This is were my life really begins, I need to start living for myself and doing what is best for me. I am not going to hide from my feelings, I won't let anyone influence me or tell me I can't. I have to be true to myself for myself.

I believe in myself that I can and will do those three things through 2011. I wanna know what some of your resolutions are. Leave me a comment let me hear them!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010



I want you after the video to tell me that:
That you didn't smile
That you didn't swell up with pride
That you didn't have the urge to scream Hell yes or Amen
That you didn't want to thank him for making that video
That you didn't laugh because it is so true and he is so funny

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I got in a wreck in my car. Best part about it I rear ended my own mother! Ugh, then my hair came out red! : / Yesterday wasn't my day! More to come on in a later post.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Starting Over --

Here I got starting over from the beginning, I can't act that he was never a part of my life. I just have to move on and carry on like I was before I met him. I will not deny for any one minute that I love him. I won't tell you there isn't a place for him in my heart, because I would be lying. I can't change how I feel about him. I won't say to your face that I am jealous of the girl that is working on stealing his heart. I had to shut him out of my life for the most part. He is no longer on my Facebook or Skype. I don't want to cut him out completely so I didn't block his number even though I have considered it deeply.

I can't let him hold me back forever. I don't plan on letting him control me and him not even know it. Jealously is eating me alive, I guess simply because he has moved on and she is getting more attention than me. I am not afraid to admit it that she is better than me. He took a step up from me and when I called him to ask him he he wanted a relationship with her. The words that just rolled off his tongue, not a problem saying it. The simple "Yes, I do" killed me. That is what pushed me away the most. There are a lot of other factors that pushed me away.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lazy Monday!!!

Ah, I can feel the routine setting in again. I have my vanilla Dr. Pepper from Sonic and blogging again. My mom made dinner. Techinically she bought part of it. Fried Chicken from Brookshires, chedder broccoli noodles, and little peas. I can say it was a very good dinner, way better than the food that school serves.

Monday, what is there to say about you. The weather is crappy!!! It has rained for the past 2 days, making it so cold. The perfect cuddling weather and I have no one to cuddle with. It is semi-upsetting, but that is quite alright. I have my big brother to watch movies and cuddle with. I love him. He is a whole another post on another day.

I have been tired all day just exhausted. I have no clue why I haven't done anything to make me feel so exhausted. I am beginning to think that it is the weather. That and considering I can't sleep when it is raining at night must be the problem.

School you are driving me to sleep and not pay attention in class. Thus it is making my GPA drop along with my class rank. I need out of the second quartile. I need college to be successful and teachers your making me miserable. It is so hard to apply myself with the teachers make the class boring.

I love my after school Sonic runs with my brother and the occasional Ashley. It brightens my day! I feel so much better to be able to blog. Next blog hopefully will be more interesting!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I feel like a STRANGER --

I have been neglecting this for far too long. I shouldn't neglect my blog at all, it is my only way to get stuff out most the time. I need a new blog make over. My (well used to be mine) Marine broke up. So this can no longer be "The Marine && The Civilian" blog anymore.

Yes, for all you out there who didn't know Eddie and I have broken up. There are many reasons why we broke up, but for now I wish these reasons remain unspoken of. I won't lie, I screwed up in the relationship just as he did. We both have things we need to settle with our own selves before we can maintain a relationship with each other.

I will say in all honesty that a relationship with a man in the service was A LOT harder than I thought it would be. I can say it did make me stronger as a person. I do regret some of the choices I made in the relationhip, but I do not regret the relationship as a whole.

Sometimes I catch myself wishing that I didn't make the choices I made or mistakes I made. I just have to keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason. I know that I am not ready for the relationhip with him. I just need to grow up. I don't want to look back on my teenage years later in life and regret not acting like a teen.

I only get to live my life once and I am not going to hold myself back. This is all feeling so weird to me right now. I am actually blogging, I am not in a relationship, I am living a teenage life for once. I still love him and I still have a place in my heart for him I always will. Just right now isn't the best time. I am afraid of hurting him worse than I already have. I am sure that I have ruined alot of my future with him, but that is something I am going to have to accept whether I like it or not.

Sometimes I want to start my relationship with him over, but then again I just think to myself that I just need to keep moving and take everything a day at a time. I am constantly reminding myself that if we are meant to be that in the future our paths will cross and we will take it from there.

Gosh I feel like I am rambling on, I know I am! I just don't really have anyone to just talk to so I am just going to carry on. Ok maybe not I am just going to stop, find someone to give my blog a little makeover and start over.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the exboyfriend and exfeinca or how ever you spell it

well were not togather any more and i wish there was something i could do about it but idk if me trying anything will help or not just thout yall would like to know

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Its like a Roller Coaster --

Lately with my Marine and I things have been like a roller coaster.
After he asked me to be his wife things got great amazing,
until I started thinking and getting stressed.
I thought long and hard, very long and hard about it.
I do love the him with everything I am.
I loved my life before I met him and even more after I met him.
It has helped me discover more about myself and the inner strength I have.
We have been together for 6 months and known each other about 8.
Although I have to be reasonable and logical about it.
I do not want to rush anything and not be able to fulfill what I was asked to do.
I am 17 and he is 21.
He should be in a serious relationship and considering settling down.
I should be preparing for life on my own and having some fun.
I am in high school still while he is in the Corps pursing his career already.
I am still planning my life and what I want to do and where I want to go.
I have not any life experience of my own, because I have always had my parents leading my way or giving me that push.
I have always had someone who cared and supported me in everything and wanted to be in my life as my boyfriend.
I have to learn to live on my own and handle things on my own.
I need to experience the world so I can be a better wife.
I want to be the wife I can be, I want to make him happy.
I don't want to fail at that job.
I do not feel ready to be engaged or married.
I think it is best for both of us that I called off the engagement.
I do love him, just everything is so hard right now.
I can't handle all the stress.
I want was it best for us and I know this is what is best for me.
Its killing him and I do feel bad for that cause he doesn't understand that I am not ready.
I just don't want to hurt him worse.
Am I in the wrong or am I being reasonable and logical?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Homesick Marine --

My poor baby is home sick and I feel horrible.
I am getting sick. : / I have no clue how to help him.
Being sick is not making it any better considering I just want to sleep and not talk to him alot on webcam.
Yesterday was a real debbie downer. I didn't like it and neither did he.
I just don't like to see him upset or down.
I need some good advice on how to make him feel better and not so home sick.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the bf agin

well Jessicaand i have been going out for the past 6 months and i love this girl with all of my heart and i want her and everyone els to know about it so on the weekend of the 28 Mar 2010 i had to go home but i didnt have the money to fly so i went on a bus and she texted me the hole time i was on thataa fucking bus and she made the time fly and i coudlnt wait to see her so thro out that week we saw each other every day but 1 but we talked on the phone that hole night the we went to see Shes out of my league i have all ready seen it but i thout she was out of my league so i thout it wouold be a good moive so we went and saw it and we met each other there and i remwber seeing her comeing up the stars and seeing her long legs and then shes looking around for me and i walked around like it wasnt me then came up behind her and said something so then that hole time in the mive i was beating myslef up about trying to hold her hand put my arm around her all of that stuff and then after the moive was over we went to leave and i was trying to bring my slef to give her a kiss goodnight so we talked some more and i put her lil ass jacket on and sh took a pic of me and then after that we kissed good night and we left so then on 4-1 her and Haylee got me really good and i didnt know that both of them were coming i had a rose not 2 and i didnt even think it was the 1st and she was late by alot so i am sitting there with my rose and ppl are trying to talk to me and then i see her agin and all of the ppl just dissaperd and i just saw her and i walked to the atm and then i saw her friend . . . . then on 4-3 i asked her mom Jody if i could stay the night and she said yes and i slep in her bed and she slep with her mom then i went and woke her up that morrning and she mad me some food adn then see walked me to the truck and gave me a kiss good by and gave me back my ipod and i told her i love love you and she didnt say anything and i asked her to be my girlfriend andshe said yes and i was running late for my flight so i went home and had my dad take me to iah and i missed my flight and i was there for a nether 2 hours and she was trying to talk her mom in to coming and seeing me be for i left but she wasnt able to come and then i i was on my way back to cali : / with her on my mind and i was going throu my ipod and she left me a msg on my notes that said i love you and i still have that and that was our first week togather and baby i love you so much and i cant to count the years go by you mean so much to me i love you Jessica Leigh King

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bleh : /

I wanted to do a post today about how much I love my Marine, our relationship together, and it being 6 months of USMC love.

Well bleh on that idea. . . . .

Instead I woke up on our 6 month anniversary not being able to breath, sick to my stomache, throat felt like something was permanently caught in it, and a migrane. What a wonderful way to spend my monday


Now I know that tonight will not go as planned with my man because I can't get rid of this migrane or my throat issue.

I love you Edward, Happy 6 months to you. I hope your day is way better than mine.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

See if you have been tagged --

I have been out of the blogging world for far too long! I am going to jump right back into it. : )

Since I have been gone a game of what seems to be like Question Tag has been going around. Needless to say I have been tagged by a wonderful lady who is married to a Marine and goes by the name of Kaylee over at Devil Dog Darling. She has an amazing blog, last I read her anniversary is coming up and she needs some help, so why don't you head one over there and see if you can't give her a hand.

Since I have been gone I have no background on this game of tag, all I know is: I have been tagged, I am too answer the 8 questions Kaylee has boiled up, and then find 8 fellow bloggers to pass 8 of my own questions on too.

Kaylee's 8 questions :

1. What is your favorite thing about being a woman?
I would say that my favorite thing about being a woman is getting up in the morning and picking out an outfit to wear, doing my hair, and putting on make-up to make myself feel pretty. I love being about to look pretty and primping myself. Oh, another thing, I know it hasn't happened yet and won't for a while, but concieving a child. The mircle of life I hold.

2. Do you like rainy days or snowy wintery days more?
I would have to choose snowy wintery days. Building a fire in the fire place, moving the couch closer to it, cuddling up on the couch in blankets, sipping on hot chocolate and watching a movie with my love. Gosh, Christmas needs to hurry up. : )

3. What's your favorite book and why?
My favorite book would have to be "Where the Red Fern Grows". It was a very sad book and had many lesson in it. It showed the true connection between a boy and a dog.

4. What is the first thing you notice about people when you meet them?
I would say their smile and eyes. Those are the first to things I pick up on. You can tell alot about people from their eyes and smiles.

5. Would you rather take pictures or be in pictures?
I like taking pictures, but I love being in the pictures. I love to look back on a picture and knowing the whole story behind it and why I was in it.

6. If your could own a non-traditional pet, what would it be, any one in the world?
A zebra, I just imagine a zebra having a great personality. Just like the zebra from Madagascar. I saw a zebra at a county fair this past weekend, it smiled for me. I wish I got a picture of it.

7. Can you change a tire on your car? Have you ever?
I have never changed the tire on my car nor do I know how too. I did one time have a flat and a guy in the Army stopped and helped my mom and I. He was about to deploy.

8. If you could give anyone any gift in the world to whom would it go and what would it be?
I would give a child that was less fortunate than I the gift of hope and love. I would adopt a child and let them know what it is like to be loved unconditionally and have some one believe in them.

Kaylee you had some great questions, time to see if I can come up with 8 of my own.

  1. If you could be any color crayon in the world what color would you choose and why?
  2. What started your blog?
  3. Which year of you life do you think was the best?
  4. If you could change the name of your kid(s) *if you have any* what would it be and why? or if your could change the name of your pet?
  5. What is your favorite disney character or your childs favorite one?
  6. Do you prefer the city or country life?
  7. What your favorite thing about fall?
  8. Do you ever find your self secretly wanting to play your man's video games?

Now for the 8 lucky bloggers that get to answer my questions:

  1. Nicole
  2. Mrs. G.I. Joe
  3. Cris
  4. Mrs. Muffins
  5. Amber
  6. Mrs. Gambizzle
  7. Lauren
  8. Brandi

I am looking forward to reading the answers to my questions. Every one have a great night.

-- Future Mrs. James

Monday, September 20, 2010

Relationship Break *MUST READ* --

In my previous post, I stated I was on a break in my relationship with my Marine.

We were in a rut for about 3 weeks. It was really rough on me. I never thought it would have taken the toll on me that it did. I was stressed, so stressed. It caused me to be emotional, not sleep or eat right. I was loosing him it felt like and I was going crazy. I didn't want to loose him. I wanted to take a break to become a little less stressed and have some time to myself.

I told him I was going to go with out talking to him. I had to repeat it to myself. I continued to you talk to him the rest of the night. To my surprise I woke up the next morning telling myself over and over and over not to talk to him. I just couldn't do it. I broke and called him to wake him up for PT. We talked for a few minutes. Need less to say my feeling for him where entirely too strong for me to not talk to him. I love him too much to go with out talking to him. I did try and not talk to him for a night. I didn't sleep right at all. I can't stand my ground with him. I had to talk to him.

Things between us were very quite not much was said, not many laughs were shared. It was driving me crazy. He got one of his room mates to talk to me it gave me a wake up call. I finally realized what I needed to do. I fixed my priority list and made sure I was ok with everything. I then talked to him and had a conversation about everything going on. He understood.

After we talked and discussed everythign going on. We started to make progress in our relationship. We are back to normal finally after about 3 weeks. I came to realize that I love him and would do anything for him. My feelings for him are stronger than they are for any other of the guys in my past. I am so lucky to have found him. He is truly the man of my dreams.

To make this post even better Imma add this in.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: (drum roll please) I am now engaged to my Marine. We are one of the happiest couples. Right now, we don't want our families to know. We are waiting till after Easter to tell them. So now with out further adue, I will let you all know how he asked.

"Baby, I love you, you are my world. I want you to be my wife and the mother of our I love you Jessica Leigh King. I want you to be my wife, will you marry me? [] yes [] no".

My response: "☑ Yes, Edward, you know I will proudly be your fiance. I love you and no matter what I do I will never be able to prove it too you."

Him and I have made such great progress in our relationship. It has been like we were already engaged before, between our joint bank account and our house being remodeled for us. I am truly happy that he asked. I never wanted anything more than what he has offered to me.

This is nothing to be rushed. We both agreed to a long engagement of no earlier than a year and a half. I am happy for this, now instead of just jumping and running away from our problems I will now have to work at this relationship. I am excited to be taking this step forward.

I can't wait till he comes home as my Fiance instead of my boyfriend. I am so happy right now.

-- Soon to Be Mrs. James ♥

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reality Hits --

I have been out of the blogging world for about 4 weeks now. That is way too long, so I won't fill you with everything that has went on in that time frame. I will give you the shortest version as possible. I am hoping to getting around to doing a post for each thing I list (incentive to keep it short).

Being home alone
Break in the relationship with my Marine

That is pretty much everything that has been going on. Now off to post about each individually.

I also I have dropped in and have been reading blogs occasionally, I will be completely honest. I do not plan to go back and read every blog I have missed, nor do I plan to comment on them.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the bf agin

This is the boyfriend agin and I just wanted to let yall know that I realy don’t know what is going on but I think we are going to be ok we are just going to have to work it out and talk about everything and I just wanted to let yall know and for the 1 who say I cant spell and what not I don’t care and thanks for the help fpr that other girl and we have been talking and I think we are getting better and her school is going good she talks to me about it a lil but not much I just wanted to let yall know and Jessica when you read this I love you with all my heart you are my world baby you mean so much to me

Sunday, August 22, 2010

this is the boyfriend

ya i am new at this but i am going to give it a shotand see if i like it and i think i am cuz i can just vent on here but i love this girl with all my heart and i cant wait for everything we had pland to happen and i love her but things have just started to get realy had and idk why but i am trying to work everything out but then she says i dont want to talk and i think that i did something wrong but i cant tell cuz she wont tell me and idont know what to do so now i thout i would try this and its helping so far but i know she is going to read it and be like WTF but jessica.
i love you with all my heart and you are my world i dont know what i would do if i lost you you mean so much to me and i just love everything about you the way you look when you see me the way you look in the morrning when i wake you up realy early when your doing something i just love everything about you and i want us to get married some day and have a family some day and i realy think that we can do it but i just thot i would try to do this cuz you all ways wanted me to so here i am and i did it now lol and i love you baby and when you hang up on me that hurts a lot baby and when you say you dont want to talk to me that hurts too but i love you and i wont to work all of this stuff out and you are everything to me ok baby and now idk how many ppl ready this thing but now all of them know how i feel about you and this is all the truth ok baby you are my world i love you baby

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The voting begins --

I have got 3 good title to start working with.
I would love to have more choices.
So with the help of
Brandi, Mrs. Gambizzle, and LMC I have a few prime choices.
Feel free to add some of your own.
To vote for your favorite -
Simply comment this blog with the number in front of the title.

  1. "Last Year to the Beginning of My Life"
  2. "The Future is Accounted for and the Rest is History"
  3. "Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginning's End"

Now for a little background on each title so you know where it came from.

  1. This is my Senior year, the last year of living a life my parents lead. After senior year I am going to be 18 and off on my own. I will begin to live my life.
  2. I want to be and Accountant, so my major of college is Accountanting, and my past is history. I will always remember my past it is my history.
  3. This my beginning to my life on my own. I have lived the life I am currently living since my birthm, my beginning. As this life I have been living for my parents come to an end. The beginning of my life will begin.

Please take the time to vote for a title or give me a title you like. I love your feedback. I hope to have this blog running tonight or some time tomorrow. Seeing how tomorrow night is my last first school night of grade school. It is so bitter sweet to say that.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Open to Opinions --

Senior year is starting August 23, 2010.
This is anyone's most memorable year of school.
I want to ALWAYS remember it.
To kick off my Senior year I have fell in love with my idea.
Thanks to Brandi I most likely wouldn't have fallen in love with it.
I want to make a . . . . . . . . .
That is right.
A blog to my Senior year.
This way I will ALWAYS have it.
My plan for the blog is too write a blog a day about each day of my Senior year.
It must include at least ONE picture.
At the end of my Senior year.
I will have it printed and bound and give it to my family members.
I fully believe that this is a WONDERFUL idea.
I just have one dilemma.
The name and theme of the blog.
Right now I have one name and no theme.
"Last Year of the Rest of My Life"
I am taking names and themes for the blog.
I would ABSOLUTELY love your help on this.
It would mean ALOT to me seriously.
I want each and every one of you to follow me on this journey.
So please if you will throw some ideas my way and follow my new blog.
The catch is. . . . . .
School starts MONDAY!!
Meaning I hope to have it up and running Sunday night.
That means times a wastin'.
Please ideas?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where to start --

Buenos Noches Senoritas

Don't let me fool you. Remove Formatting from selection
I barely passed high school spanish.
Alot has been happening I have been staying very busy.
Eh, don't let me fool you again.

Let me just try to be straight forward and do a quick catch up post. : )

  • Went to Kemah Boardwalk with my big brother and our friend Jessica Sunday.
  • Monday I went and saw Scott Pilgrim with my little sister and the rough patch in my relationship started.
  • Tuesday I got my high school schedule and went to my friend Kamerin's house and the rough spot continued.
  • Wednesday I stayed home and thought about my relationship, needless to say we sorta fixed things for now its more of a work in progress, but we are getting there.
  • Today went and looked for a new car. I think I now HATE car shopping as much as much as I hate all shopping! (that is right I am NOT a shopper)
  • Edward has been kicking his MOS follow on school's ASS!!!!
  • I won a blog award.

Now that my catch up is done and your all filled in let me give you details.

Kemah Boardwalk was awesome with my friends. Summer is ending and it was a great day. Scott Pilgrim is a funny movie, I would say it is a young adult/teen movie. My schedule for my senior year is pretty awesome.

  1. Office Aide (meaning I get to sit on my butt)
  2. Statistics (math class easier than precal)
  3. English 4 (eck, same teacher as last year)
  4. Library Aide (another sit on my butt period)
  5. Princples of Technology (trying to change to business law)
  6. US Government (woo history sorta)
  7. Accounting 2 (that is right I do my own taxes how many teens do that?)

As for things with Edward, we are getting over this rough spot. It is taking two to work at this and I just about gave up last night. This has been the worst of this relationship EVER. I mean we both brokedown into tears, beat on things to get the point across, cussing, and yelling. It has been the whole nine yards. We both have lost ALOT of sleep over this. Yet, I am hoping we are coming to the end of it.

Edward is literally owning his follow on school in the face, latest update I got at chow time was 4 out of 24 is passing. He is one of the four. I am so proud of him. He is so ECSTATIC about it. I love to hear the excitement in his voice. He is really happy with him self. I am still supporting him and congradulating him constantly.

I won "The Your Blog is AWESOME Award", thanks to Cris over at Solider Girl.

I don't think my blog is AWESOME, but it is getting there. I now am going to pass this on to 5 blogs I do think are AWESOME.

Nicole @ Flip Flops and Combat Boots, Amber @ Goodnight Moon, Kaylee @ Devil Dog Darling, Brandi @ One Year as Brandi, && Carmen @We See the Same Stars.

Well if any of you have stuck around long enough to read this congrats to you! I hope you all are ready for the weekend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No one is perfect --

I feel like an untrue blogger. I only post the good. I never post the bad. The past two days have not been great been horrible in our relationship. I lost it on him. Truths came out. I need to breath and make some decisions. I want to blog to vent, but how would I put into words. I am afraid that he would will read it. I am sure it would make a whole lot more sense. I can't even get things straight to fix this situation at hand. I can't put it all together and talk to him about it. So how can I blog about it. I have no clue. Point of this blog is our relationship has hit a MAJOR rough spot.

Edit: In case I forgot to tell you all. I quit my job when he came home so I could be with him. Meaning I am on the hunt for a new job!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Reminisce with me --

Here it is my LAST monday of SUMMER!!
I, Jessica, will start my Senior year of high school in ONE WEEK!
Woo, I am excited and sad. It is one huge bittersweet moment.
I think about it and get happy and sad at the same time.
It will be my LAST first day of grade school.
That one line hits so hard.

I maybe 17, but I can still reminisce on the good ole days.

I remember being in Kindergarten, where the first day was my SCARIEST moment. My mom and dad wake me up bright and early. Dad made my breakfast while my mom was getting me dressed and doing my hair. I eat while my parents got ready. I grabbed my bag and walked out the door, quitely crawled in the truck. I stared out the window on the way there answered a few yes and no questions from my parents when they asked the simple. Are you excited? Will you behave? Are you going to make new friends? I didn't really want to start school. They park the truck, I was looking around at all the kids excited to be at school. They all had they parents hands pulling into the school. I was clentching my moms and dads hands looking around in terror. I felt so SMALL. My parents introduced me to the teacher and she then showed me where I could put my bag and where I would sit. I didn't want to let go of my mom or dad. They were my safe zone, I was comfortable with them and only them. After my parents settling me in, it was time for them to leave. I was upset, I didn't want them to leave. I threw a fit. Yes, that was me the kid that cried when her parents left. They kissed me calmed me down and reassured me it was going to be ok. I was so scared and upset, but I toughed through the day. I kept to myself only talking when spoke too. By the time lunch rolled around I was a little less scared. I talked with a couple of class mates, went to the room then out side for recess where the fun really began. We got to meet all the other classes of kids. I opened up had a great time got back to the room and it was nap time. I didn't want to nap I wanted to talk, but the teacher made me lay still. We finished out the day and headed home on the bus. My mom was waiting at the bus stop I ran too her and hugged her like I hadn't seen her in years. She asked how my day was and I proceeded to say AWESOME!!

I miss the days where your mom and took you too the class room.
It is hard to look back to kindergarten year and not smile.
I have spent 14 years in this house and 12 of it at school.
I have known everyone in school for 12 years.
I am glad to call them my class mates.
I am not ashamed of my class!
I have grew up with them.
They are my family.
I love them.

I will honestly never forget any of my class mates.
Come on Tarkingtion High School Class Of 2011!
Lets make this year,

Needless to say, I am ready for my senior year.
I want to make memories.
What is your favorite Senior year memory?
What about your favorite school memory?
Share with me as I reminisce.


I figured I might be teasing you with one picture a post so here is a few!

Friday, August 13, 2010

At a loss for words --

Talk about a killer headline.
That is a disappointment to me.
Wanna read more?
Just click the headline.
Wow, I am not going to even begin to vent on that topic I might get a little out of hand.

As I promised with every post a picture of me and my man.


Motivationless --

Why? I just want to know WHY!!
I don't know why I feel the way I do. I feel as is I have no motivation to do anyting. I shouldn't feel this way, I have school coming up and I NEED the motivation. I used to always be motivated. Especially dating a Marine who is ALWAYS motivated. I am loosing it and I have no clue why. I want my motivation back. I used to be so excited to do things and now its like I never want to do anything. I used to do things with a smile, but now I have no enthusiasm when I do something. I could used to just jump up and clean my room with out a problem, nope not any more I drag butt to get it done. I remember when I loved doing laundry even when my mom offered to do it for me. Now I just pawn it off on her, the only thing she doesn't do it put it away. It just sits in my room in a basket, because I have no motivation to put it away. I sound so lazy and I am not really lazy. I feel as if my motivation has just disappeared.
How can I get my self more Motivated? Any ideas?
P.S. It took me FOREVER to get around to writing this post because I have no motivation to write.
Also, at the end of each post I make I will leave you with a picture for my photoshoot with my Marine.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Test Post

This is a test post.
Thanks for the help Nicole.

Blogging Hiatus #2 --

I am so very deeply sorry.
I owe all of my followers a sincere apology.
I have been a horribly blogger for the past 2 weeks.
Yes, that is right 2 whole weeks of no blogging.
I won't make excuses cause I know there are some loyal bloggers who find time even when they have barely anytime to spare.
I will say this I was extemely busy.
I left the 28 of July to go on vacation with my best friends family.
We went to New Braunfels and tubed the Guadalupe.
We came home the 31st of July.
That was the day My Marine flew in to the airport for his week of leave.
That is right ladies I got to see my man.
It was amazing to have him home.
We made so many memories this time home.
We took well over 400 pictures.
It blew my mind.
I owe everyone of my followes a HUGE catch up post.
Maybe one of pictures from my trip and with my man home.
Don't worry, I won't post all 400.
I hope to catch up with all the blogs I follow.
I have started, but I am no where near the end.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sneak peek --

I wanted to make a quick post and leave with a sneak peek of our photo shoot today.
I hope every one is having a great week.
I can't wait to catch up with everyone's blog.



Sorry for being gone! My man is home. I am soaking up the time I have with seeing how he leaves back to base the 8th.

I have been gone for a long time and it is going to continue till after he leaves.

I left July 28 for vacation with my best friends family. We came back the 31st the day Eddie flew in. I have been with him ever since.

I will return I promise!! See every one the 8th.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Introducing Lauren --

I am Welcoming to the wonderful world of Blogging, Lauren over at In Love and Distance, who now has a Blogger. This means more wonderful stories to read from yet another girl who is in the silent ranks of the United States Marine Corps.

Lauren has an amazing story that is she is going to tell us and let us into her life. We should give her a welcome! : )

I hope that maybe someone will help her with a blog design. : ) Maybe an awesome little button!

Now I hope you ladies will follow her and give advice if needed and engage in her story as yall have done for me.

I will be back to my normal blogging I have to get some feelings straight in my head before I get on her and go into a heart felt post.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

21 && A Year Mark --

Today, or shall I say yesterday the 21st, was my man Edward James 21st birthday!
Woo yay go him!
The 13 of July he hit his year mark in the Marine Corps.
Woo yay go him!

I am so proud of him for coming to an end in his class! He will graduate the 27 of July! He got his MOS today. 2844, just what he wanted. He gets dropped in BC the 28th applies for leave and hopefully come home. He will pick up his follow on school on August 12th. He will graduates from that on the 1st of February. Then off to his PDS. Looks like 29 palms for a little longer for him.

He has done such an amazing job this past couple months. He got promoted to LCpl and is finally finishing class. I am so proud of him for kicking the classes butt! He has put so much time into the class!! He is simply amazing at his MOS. I couldn't be more proud of him! I am so glad he is happy with what he has got. He continues to strive for the best he can. He always succeeds too! I am glad he is doing so much to make his family and I proud of him.

Keep up the amazing work baby! I love you! Happy Birthday for like the bajillionth time today!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WTH is going on!!

I thought I would make a random post, so some of you ladies could get a little laugh. I will say this there is a choice of words in here that aren't the best.

I let my man into my blogging world. Yes, that is right ladies he reads your posts! I love that he likes to reads everyones post. He was looking at Amber's blog over at Goodnight Moon! reading her post about her Fupa removal and tubesock inflation. This was the start of a funny and priceless conversations. I would have gotten pictures, but we were on MSN and not skype so I didn't have that option and I was dying from laughing and I couldn't get a screen shot! Anyways enjoy!

While we were on webcam he was reading and looking at her pictures and blog made the comment:

Marine -Wow, she is skinny.
Civilian -Yeah, she is. She looks like a teenager!
This is where it all turns around.
Civilian -Ugh, I hate this-
Marine -What baby?
Civilian -I hate being skinny!-
Marine -Don't baby, Your beautiful.
Civilian -No, I am serious, I am tired of being so skinny-
Civilian -Do they have reverse liposuction?-
Marine -Um, I don't know.
You should see his face it is so puzzled at the words coming out of my mouth
Civilian -I really want it! Maybe for my graduation gift-
Marine -Ok, I guess but I like you the way you are.
Civilian -I mean I am serious! If an overly obese fatwoman wanted too I would take her fat from her.
Marine - *insert confused awkward face*
Civilian -For real baby, you know the woman that are so fat and they waddle! I want that! I want to find a obese woman somewhere and ask her if I could have some of her fat and take to surgery and take it from her.
Marine -silience *still in shock hahaha*
Civilian - I want the fattest woman you know the one with the pussy pillow and the huge muffin top and
Right there the words pussy pillow is where he lost it! His face was like along the lines of
"WTF did she really say that! WTH is going on! OMG she can't be serious! She is loosing it! Seriously though a pussy pillow oh WTH is going on!"
As soon as I caught his face I died laughing. I couldn't even finish my sentence then I had to wait.
Civilian -the fat that hangs and jiggles from her arms! Oh and cankles I want those too!
Marine - Ok, seriously stop now. I don't want that. I love you the way you are.
Civilian - Oh so you wouldn't love me if I was fat? You would just blow me off.
Marine - No baby I would, but I perfer you like you are.
Some time I amaze myself. I worry about getting fat when I have kids and getting stretch marks. Yet, I find my self fantasizing about being an obese woman! Is there any help for me!
I just want to get some weight! I want to be thicker.
So if you read this is there any way I can gain some pounds??

Friday, July 16, 2010


UGH, Yesterday was a good day. (or so I thought it was going to be)
A girlfriend of mine and I decided we were going to go and see the new movie called
"Dispicable Me"
We decided that on the way there we needed to stop at
the Wal-greens she works (use her discount) at and get me another
Preggers test. (aunt flow please show up)
This lead us to the mall a different way.
My car can't handle long stop lights or sitting still.
I completely forgot that after we were already half way there.
We are cruising along and come into the town famous for long redlights.
I am freaking out in my head.
I know she is going to over heat.
I get to the point of turning off my car at redlights.
Ah, Wham-a-lart!
I pull in for gas. I check my water and she is HOT!!
I am like GAH, we aren't going to make it to the mall with out her over heating.
We decide to soothe the car and rub her as we are trying to get out of wal-mart.
My poor car baby over heats.
We didn't even get back on the road.
We reversed out of the intersection and sit in Wham-a-larts gas station for an hour to let her cool.
She pit out rusted colored water (the beginning of electrolsis).
I filled her up with water and left for the mall.
I rubbed my dashboard and talked to her.
I made sure to comfort her that she would make it.
Well we got to the mall searching for a parking spot made her mad.
Simply because this car wanted the front parking spot by the door and sat there
while a family of 5 just got to there car.
They had to fold the stoller, put the baby in the seat, put the bags in and etc.
My car go mad and started smoking AGAIN.
So I went around this car and parked.
She was so HOT again! :/
We left and went into the mall with her smoking.
We walked the mall and watched the movie.
It was so cute.
It was after 8 when we got back to my car she sat for well over 3 hours.
I put some more water in her and got teh heck out of there.
I got on the highway and set cruise at 70 and came on home.
Well I was way over half way home and I look in my rear view mirror
nothing but white smoke pouring from my exhaust.
My hood is throwing out nothing but white smoke.
My car passed away on that highway.
I turned off cruise and realized crap I need to get across this bridge.
I laid on the gas and nothing but rattling.
RPMS didn't move along with my speedometer.
Ah, I was so mad.
I called my mom and she came to my rescue.
I had to strip my car baby like I was some kind of druggie getting money for whatever kind of drugs.
I didn't want to leave her on the side of the highway till god knows when.
I had no other choice.
I got home and told my Edward what had happened.
Had a break down cause my car baby was just sitting there and I have work to get to.
He reassured me everything was going to be ok.
He made some calls and was able to get his cousin who works for a tow truck company out of their hometown to help out.
He told Edward that he would get the car at 0200.
I stayed up until I knew my car was ok.
His cousin texted me and got me to meet him at my car he hooked her up and followed me home.
Needless to say she is home, but broken still.
That was my baby, my first car, and the only real thing I own.
When my daddy comes home I get to go shopping for a new car to replace my baby.
Awh, my heart is breaking.
R.I.P My 2001 Chrysler Sebring Sedan with a 2.7 liter engine.

It still amazes me how my Edward could be all the way in California and still take care of me as if he was home. I am so thankful that he did that for me last night. I love him and I apperciate everything he has and will do for me.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Broken Anchor --

I am upset with myself. Edward sent me a beautiful necklace he bought me at the PX on base.
Its is the EGA the anchor and countries are gold with the globe and eagle are silver.
Seriously, it looks EXACTLY like the one at the top of the page in my header.
Only difference the rope is gold on the necklace.
I was picking up my room and when I was moving stuff off of my laptop.
The necklace was on it. I was just hold it and looking at it suddenly. . .
when I turned it over the bottom half of the anchor fell off.
I have not even wore it yet.
Its so pretty. (not any more)
I am upset with myself.
I even tried fixing it.
Super glue was the first that came to mind and was in my line of vision.
I but a very small dab on the globe part, next thing I know its sliding all over the rest of the EGA.
I tried putting it on the anchor and putting it on I would hold and blow on it.
Once I thought it was dried enough I would set it down.
Nope the bottom of the anchor would fall off.
So with the result of it still being broken, I will let you see what it looks like.
I don't want to tell him face to face.
or shall I say webcam to webcam.
I guess this is kinda of my way of saying it.
"Darling, I am so sorry! I didn't mean to break it. I don't want it broken. It was all an accident. I don't want you to be upset. I tried to super glue it back together, that just ended in a diaster. I feel horrible about it. I was actually going to wear it today too. I am really really really sorry. I love you!"
Do any of yall know where I can find another one??

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My picture perfect day.

Howdy, it is me AGAIN! I found out about an amazing team of two women who are putting on a give away for any USMC girlfriend/fiance/wife.
The two ladies who are co-oping this give away are (drum roll please).
Nicole, who has an amazing blog named Flip Flops and Combat Boots.
Her partner in crime is Melissa who has an Etsy Store, Perfectly Distressed, she makes wordboards and signs. (they are gorgeous)

Nicole is hosting the giveaway and Melissa is donating a beautiful hand made distressed sign for Marine couples.
This was such a wonderful thing for her to do.
I will give you a little sneak peak at what I would love to call my own. : )


If your not a Milspouse feel free to check out her store on Etsy, she has MANY of other designs and different signs.

I thought maybe I would tweak the give away a little. (I hope you don't mind Nicole)
I am going to write about the best day my Marine and I have shared, but I am going to add some inserts from him. Everything he said will be in "(parentheses)"
I will also have "*asterisks*" where I left a little comment.
That way you can see it from both views,
I think it will come out really cute. I hope you all enjoy it. : )

It all began May 29, 2010, It was kinda of a late start of a day for me considering I woke up late around 9ish. (well the day started early ass h**l for me I left base at 0400)
I was supposed to meet his basically little brother (my best friend), little sister, and their cousin aka his Ex and the mall by the airport at 1230.
*he didn't know they were coming, SURPRISE*
I left my house around 1100-ish. I was texting him NON-stop (I was on my way home and we were texting the whole time) so I could make sure everything was going to go as planned that he was going to arrive on time and that something didn't go wrong.
I finally get to the mall 1215-ish *I like to be early*. So, I start to walk the mall by myself. *hate that alone feeling*
I get a text from the surprise group at 1230-ish saying they were running LATE! *Argh, Eddie is landing at 1:30*
No later than 5 minutes I get a phone call from Eddie saying he was going to be late.
My heart DROPPED! I thought something had happened and that there was something wrong.
I tried to remain calm, turns out he only missed his flight.
*phew* (I got to DFW and my flight was waiting on a diff plane to move out of our way and then I missed my next flight to get to Houston)
Turns out everything was ok.
Everyone but I was running late, I just didn't one thing to go wrong.
*Eddie's new arrival time 1530*
*I am perfectionist* (I know she was trying to plan something but I didn’t know what so I finally started to get on the plane and I was on my way again)
I continue to walk around the mall by myself, still.
Finally, about 1345 I get a text from the surprise group to meet them by Barnes and Noble.
Sure enough I walk down there and outside they were standing.
I let them know Eddie was running late and they laughed.
*I now had people to walk the mall with*
It was so awkward to have his Ex with him that was still infatuated with him.
The awkwardness came to and end the closer it got for Eddie to be landing. It was fianlly 1445 and I decided we needed to leave to get to the airport that was 5 minutes down the road.
We get to the car and I speed over there. *bad me*
I find my way around that god for saken airport that is being reconstructed.
*They had me running all over the place to get to the first terminal*
I get to the parking garage and found a open spot after driving in circles about 8 times.
I was getting so nervous and anxious, I was shaky and checking my mirror, doing boob checks to make sure everything was in place, I kept adjusting my dress.
I wanted to look my best for him, I asked him to wear his blues home so I get that moment of pride! *not like I don't have it anyways*
OMG, there it goes, my phone its ringing. I dig through my purse panicking to find it.
*His little sister is telling me to chill out and his ex is like dramatic much?*
I get THE text, that one that says I landed!!!!!!! (I got off the plane and I was looking for a bathroom I was going to change in to my blues for her)
I was excited, no ECSTATIC!
*mind yourself, this is his first time coming home to ME, my first time to pick him up as my significant other*
He texts and ask me where I was so he could come and find me. (I was texting her and was saying I didn’t know if I was going to change but I was and I asked where she was and I started to walk that way )
I told him the end of the terminal behind the "DO NOT ENTER" sign.
So here comes the groups of people, I am standing in a line. I have his little sister to my right and the Ex to her right. I am literally SCOPING these mass crowds of people.
No, not this crowd, nope not that one either, nuh uh not that one, Ah wait is that him NO!
Ugh, I text him to see where he is and he said "Chill, I am coming" *ugh hurry up already* (I was getting a lot of people looking at me and a few ooorahs lol and then I get past the do not enter sign and I don’t see her but I can hear her yelling and I was still walking and all the way at the end of this long ass hall way)
Finally, I see him. Walking in a group of 2 or 3 people, I am squealing from excitement.
I went to take off, his little sister grabbed my arm. Apparently, they knew if they let me go as soon as I say him then I would pass the "DO NOT ENTER" sign and then all H**l would break loose.
There he is walking towards me in his blues, I fell his little sisters hand let go of me.
I take off like a bat outta you know where, I am in flip flops so all you hear is clack clack clack across the airport. Everyone is watching me run! *I was in track for 100 meter dash*
(I see her and my best friend, lil sister and her cousin and Jessica started to run not the I am glad to see you run but the I want to kill you run lol but I thought she wasn’t going to stop so I stood there and dropped my bag and got ready for her to tackle me and she slowed down at the last min)
I was finally getting to the point where I needed to slow down, I came to a some what slower pace. I grabbed him, it was like a death grip hug, it was the BEST feeling in the world.
I was shaky and crying a tiny bit. (and huged me realy tight and she couldn’t breath really good and was crying a lil )
I was trying to talk to him while trying to breathe and cry. It was really hard.
He asked who all came and here they came his little sister and his ex. (when she could talk again I asked who else came and she said my best friend did but she don’t know where he went so I found him and we talked for a lil but then we got in the car)
His best friend stayed back. I told him he had came. I was talking to Eddie and he noticed how shaky I was.
*here is how shaky I was, I couldn't hold the camera still*
We walked back to the car. Got in went to the mall so I could parade around with him on my arm. : ) (went to the mall and walked around and took some pics and I saw a Sgt. there in his blues too)

We left the mall and headed to his house so he could drop off some stuff and say hello. That was a fun/awkward ride. Him and I were singing a Keith Urban *I wanna feel the sun shine shining me and you* song to each other with his Ex in the back seat. Every time he would look in the rear view mirror her eyes would be giving him the death stare.
We got to his house he went inside said hello and gave everyone their hugs.(then we went to my house and I changed)
After that we all piled back in my car and headed to his best friend/little brothers house. ( then went to my friends house and houng out there for a while)
That was when we got to actually hold each other and be lazy on the couch.
We took bunches of pictures on that couch, wrestled with each other, and talked about stuff.
Once it got around feeding time for his horses we headed to his house. (and went back to my house and feed the horses and talked to my mom and dad then it started to get late and her mom wanted her home so we left and I was driven her moms car (and she should make a diff blog about that lol))
We fed the horses, sat around in the living room talked to his mom and dad.
My mom was texting and asking when I was going home that she didn't want it to be late. *truth is she wanted to see Eddie*
Around 8-ish we said our good-byes and headed to my house for the night.
Once we got to my house my mom was SO EXCITED to see, but no where near as happy as I was.
We sat around and talked to her and watched some T.V.
After that I wanted to spend some time alone with him.
I took him in my back yard. *I live in the country* I had a lawn chair laid out for us and country music playing.
*the good ones for tanning in*
We laid there in each other arms looking at the gorgeous Texas stars. : ) (she turnd the readio on and we were just looking up at the stars for like 30 min)
We shared and intimate moment with each other.
After that I was happy even more than before. We continued to lay there.
A song came on the radio, I liked it and I kinda wanted to two step, but I am not that great at.
I was stupid enough to make the mistake of saying something. (then a song came on that she liked and she was singing it so I said lets dance and she was like no I cant lol but I talked her in to it so we did)
He got me up and made me dance. *I loved every minute of it*
I just wish I could remember what song was playing, I was just so lost in the moment I couldn't remember.
After dancing with him Copperhead road came on and I was showing him how to do it.
I couldn't get him to do it. : /
Although, we both got a couples laughs of me doing copperhead road in my pajama's on the back porch at 2300 with dogs jumping on me.
My mom came outside to check on us and ask if we would come inside cause it was late.
I finished dancing for him and we went on inside. (her mom came out there and checked on us then went back inside and we did to after that)
We laid on the couch together and watched some more T.V. that was a perfect moment.
Him and I on the couch in our matching pajama pants in each others arms sharing kisses and laughs. (we watched some more tv and then I satyed the night and was in her bed)
We finally went to bed around 0300 only because we knew we had a long day ahead of us the next day.
I loved being able to sleep knowing he was right down the hall in my bed. *I slept with my mom*

That day was the most perfect day I could ask for. It had every emotion in it. I would relive it in a heart beat. I remember like it was yesterday. It is the one day I look back on if I have a bad day. I will never forget it, it was that truly picture perfect day for me. (and I loved that day and am going to remember it for ever)

That is my blog entry for Nicole and Melissa's Co-Op give away. I hope I win!
Thank you ladies for allowing me to share my perfect day.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Blog Award # 2 with a Twist --

45 posts and 52 followers later I got my second blog award.
This was all possible thanks to Cris over at Solider Girl.
If your not following her, you should!
She will take you on a wild roller coaster ride that has its ups and downs through her relationship with her Solider Man, her angel baby Gage, and trying to get into the Navy, but for now she is settling for the Army yet, she isn't giving up on the Navy.
Check her out seriously!

As for my blog award I recieved the "Your going places Baby!" award.
The rules for recieving the award are as followed -
  1. Thank the person you gave it too.
  2. Tell everyone where you see yourself in 10 years.

  3. Pass it on to 10 Wonderful bloggers.

In ten years, WOW I will be 27!! I hope know I will be married to Edward David James. I hope I will be done with my degree in Accounting. I hope that Edward and I will have one child and another on the way. I hope that we have a stable life together, whether he makes the Marine Corps a career or not. I hope that I still have both of my parents around considering their health now and their age. (I have old parents) I have alot of hope for where I see myself in 10 years.

Now for the 10 Blogs I will Pass this along too (I hope I can make ten)

Hmm, since I can't think of 10 blogs to pass this and alot of y'all have already recieved this award. If you read this leave me a comment and tell me where you see yourself in 10 years. : ) I love hearing about y'all.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bridal Dress Giveaway --

Brides Across America is hosting a bridal dress giveaway to women who are marrying men in the military. I found about it on the news today at work. I will leave yall with the link to look at the states and shops that are giving away the dresses. There are a few things that they require for you to be eligable for a dress.

1. You must be engaged, and planning a wedding.

2. You were deployed or will be deploying to either Iraq or Afghanistan, or have a fiancee on active duty in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

3. You may qualify even if you got married by the Justice of the Peace and are planning an upcoming wedding.

4. All military brides must show proper ID, copy of deployment papers for
you or your fiance, orders or other qualifying proof must accompany the bride on day of event.

5. There is no registration just show up the day of the event. Please check with the individual stores for dates and times.

I hope some of you ladies qualify for the dress giveaway. Feel free to pass this on to other Milspouses. I will leave you with the link to get more information on it. Don't miss out on this incrediable oppurtunity.
P.S. I love how they use a Marine and his Bride for the pictures.

Friday, July 9, 2010

'till everyone is singing --

I am BACK!!! Finally, I can blog. I feel back on track now. I am going to do a quick post catching up on what has been happening from my family to my Marine and back to the blog world.

  • Family -My grandmother was diagonsed with cancer (don't ask what type I can't remember) and went through Chemo for the first time last week. They said it would take 24-48 hours for it to kick in. Sure enough it did. She went to bathroom at 4 in the morning feeling ill and passed out in the bathroom busted her head open in two spots. I won't post pictures. I finally got two days off in a row to go and visit her. She looked abosolutely horrible, leaving me to feel so bad for her, because she has so much pride in her appearence and won't even go to church. Poor woman.
  • Marine- He is still stuck on base. He is so close to finishing school. I mean super duper close, in fact so close they had a Service Charlie inspection for pictures. Ah, I am hoping and praying I will be able to fly to base and watch him finish class.
  • Our relationship - I am proud of us to over come a whole day of barely talking and seeing each other on webcam. My webcam broke and I didn't get to see him for a couple nights. That was not fun, I broke down at MIDNIGHT and went to wal-mart to buy a new webcam, comfort food, and him a new pillow. I stopped at the gas station and bought some gas for my car. I got everything I needed in wal-mart went to the front to check out saying to myself "Oh, this should go fast there is no one here" Well to my surprise EVERYONE was checking out and only ONE check out. Finally after standing for 10 minutes on the phone with him and me about to BREAK DOWN another check out lane opened, I powered walked to that lane and got everything rung up swiped my card it told me to contact the card holder. Ugh, I just used it to get gas. I left with nothing. I got to my car hung up on him and broke down in my car in the parking lot. I was mad and missing him. I beat my steering wheel and crying, screaming WHY!! I left after I collected myself (still crying) got home and to my surprise my cam started working. Ugh, I still looked horrible and seeing him made me cry even more. Ugh. Anyways the days are starting to drag on.
  • Blogging Life - Ah, I finally hit 50 followers. I am deciding on if I want to do a give away. If I do, I need some help and advice on how to do it. Maybe a Co-Op giveaway??
  • Summer Swap - Flip-Flops and Combat Boots is hosting a Summer Essentials Swap, I signed up and my Swap Buddy is Jenn at Peace.Love.Mommy, Hey girl if your reading this E-Mail me at so we can work on this. Haha. Anyone have any ideas on what to send, I don't wanna be the loser with bad gift giving skills.
  • Now a little something for everyone - I was on the ride home and the song "If it means alot to you" by A Day To Remember, came on and I was actually listening to it and reminds me of saying "See you later" to you man no matter where he is going. I though I would share the lyrics.
Hey darling, I hope you're good tonight
And I know you don't feel right when I'm leaving
Yeah, I want it but no, I don't need it
Tell me something sweet to get me by
'Cause I can't come back home 'til they're singin'

La, la la la, la la la
'Til everyone is singin'

If you can wait 'til I get home
Then I swear to you that we can make this last
(La la la)
If you can wait 'til I get home
Then I swear come tomorrow, this will all be in our past
It might be for the best

Hey sweetie, I need you here tonight
And I know that you don't wanna be leaving
Yeah, you want it but I can't help it
I just feel complete when you're by my side
But I know you can't come home 'til they're singin'

La, la la la, la la la
'Til everyone is singin'
La, la la la, la la la

If you can wait 'til I get home
Then I swear to you that we can make this last
(La la la)
If you can wait 'til I get home
Then I swear come tomorrow, this will all be in our past
It might be for the best

You know you can't give me what I need
And even though you mean so much to me
I can wait through everything
Is this really happening?
I swear I'll never be happy again
And don't you dare say we can just be friends
I'm not some boy that you can sway
We knew it'd happen eventually

La, la la la, la la la
Now everybody's singin'
La, la la la, la la la
Now everybody's singin'
(If you can wait 'til I get home)
La, la la la, la la la
Now everybody's singin'
(Then I swear we can make this last)
La, la la la, la la la
Now everybody's singin'

If you can wait 'til I get home
Then I swear we can make this last

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Crickets Chirping.

Hello, my lovely ladies. I just wanted to drop in and do a quick scattered post. I feel like a horrible blogger between working and taking care of the home front and entertaining my Marine. I am so busy. Not to mention I have nothing really to post about. I am excited that I have 46 followers. Woo, maybe a bloggy giveaway if/when I hit 50! How do those work? Help?

My mom and dad are both out of town for the week(end). My mom went to her mother's house for the WEEK! Yes, a week with out my mom around the house. Meaning, I J. Leigh, is taking on some responsibility and learning the life of a wife/mother. It is different. I have found out I need to learn to cook and experiment. I have no clue what I am going to do when I move out in a year and can't cook for my Marine and I. Any ideas on what I can do to improve that area?

As for my dad he went to Lake Rayburn for the weekend. He was home for 2 days and then he left me AGAIN! I don't like this whole home alone thing. Luckily for me, my best friend Haylee is coming over to keep me company! : )

I seem to be hearing wedding bells and making plans more often now that I have this promise ring. : ) I love it. I can't quit looking at it. If I hit a rough spot in my day, I look at it and I hear his voice telling me he loves me and that if my day is going bad just look at it and remember he loves me. It hasn't failed yet at making me smile : )

Hmm, I have nothing else really to post on.

Oh, I am a little upset that there is going to be a Texas Blog Party and I won't be able to attend. : /

. . . . . . . . . (crickets chirping)

Um, ok I am out of things to say. Just send a little advice my way on my cooking problem and how blog giveaways work. : )

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are you in Texas??

Leaving work at 1900 yesterday to meet my dad for dinner. He leaves me a voicemail telling me he is getting hungry and that he had a surprise with him. : D You can only imagine the things running through my head at that moment. I don't even take the time to delete the message, I immediately hung up and called my Marine.

"ARE YOU IN TEXAS??" (I had my hopes high simply because this weekend is July 4)
"No?? Babe, I am in my room. Why?"
"UGH are you serious! Dad said he had a surprise and well I thought it was you."
"No, I am sorry baby. I got to go to study group for the test tomorrow. I love you."
"Love you too baby"

So here I go Arby's uniform and all into Papa Ro's to meet my dad. I walk in and Bam, there it is a package labled to me. I look it says Zales on the outside. I didn't take my time opening it! I just wanted to see what it was.

The it was a shiny Zales ring box. I open it up and inside is a promise ring from my Marine. : )


My dad looked at me and asked "Well, where are the tears!" I knew he had bought one. We both had no idea it had been shipped to me yet. My parents knew about it, but they didn't know that I knew about it. That resulted in no tears!

He made my day so much better by finally getting this ring. I love looking at it and knowing that it shows that I really belong to someone know. No more guys hitting on me!!!

So I just wanted to know, Have you ever got a promise ring? How did you recieve it? Did you give him one back?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day out with a USMC Gal --

Finally, I got the chance to hang out with a USMC Gal. Someone who actually understands everything I go through. It was amazing to meet her. I felt like I actually had someone on my side that I wouldn't have to explain EVERYTHING to too. She could offer advice that was actually helpful! We had a wonderful day together.

We met up in Pearland for lunch at Olive Garden! Who can resit those yummy breadsticks and salad!! (wipes drool) We both wanted to try something new, but didn't want it to be something we wouldn't eat. Of course I went by sight and as did she. We both ended up getting the Grilled Shrimp Caprease and Peach Tea. Ah, amazing Loved it!

After that we went shopping at this really cute mall. It was out doors. Luckily for us the day was nice and had a wonderful breeze. : ) We both spoiled ourselves, we are girls we can do that kind of thing. I got a few things. I finally got a red shirt for Fridays, to go along with it I also got a yellow undershirt and red knock off converse. Then I found a white little sundress and red with white polka flats for when he comes home. ( we plan to take professional pictures ) I found three pairs of sunglasses. (my addiction) Two pairs her and I sorta got matching, they are just different colors! I found camo clippies. I went into Bath and Body works, I normally just test things out. I do have my favorite scent from there, Sweet pea. I was looking and I spotted 75 % off bins. Low and behold, there it was Sweet pea everything. Body Butter, big , carry around lotion, spray perfume, and body mist. I got everythign except the perfume.

I actually spoiled myself for once and it felt GREAT!

As the day went on we found lots and lots of stuff, but we were just caught up in looking and talking. We went to James Avery to look at rings. She has made a good choice for her man. We finally noticed what time it was and decided we needed to say good bye cause of traffic. Luckily I got a couple pictures of us. : )
(work with me I didn't feel like downsizing the pictures)




This is a little Collage I made of her and I.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Song for My bloggers --

I know alot of y'all probably are not fan of Miley Cyrus, but I am. I love all of her songs. She has a new one out that has been "leaked" it is called "Stay". I fell in love with this song as soon as I listened to the first set of lyrics!! I hope alot of you will take the time to listen to it and appericate it!

It is alot like what we go through as Milspouses! ENJOY!!!!