Monday, September 20, 2010

Relationship Break *MUST READ* --

In my previous post, I stated I was on a break in my relationship with my Marine.

We were in a rut for about 3 weeks. It was really rough on me. I never thought it would have taken the toll on me that it did. I was stressed, so stressed. It caused me to be emotional, not sleep or eat right. I was loosing him it felt like and I was going crazy. I didn't want to loose him. I wanted to take a break to become a little less stressed and have some time to myself.

I told him I was going to go with out talking to him. I had to repeat it to myself. I continued to you talk to him the rest of the night. To my surprise I woke up the next morning telling myself over and over and over not to talk to him. I just couldn't do it. I broke and called him to wake him up for PT. We talked for a few minutes. Need less to say my feeling for him where entirely too strong for me to not talk to him. I love him too much to go with out talking to him. I did try and not talk to him for a night. I didn't sleep right at all. I can't stand my ground with him. I had to talk to him.

Things between us were very quite not much was said, not many laughs were shared. It was driving me crazy. He got one of his room mates to talk to me it gave me a wake up call. I finally realized what I needed to do. I fixed my priority list and made sure I was ok with everything. I then talked to him and had a conversation about everything going on. He understood.

After we talked and discussed everythign going on. We started to make progress in our relationship. We are back to normal finally after about 3 weeks. I came to realize that I love him and would do anything for him. My feelings for him are stronger than they are for any other of the guys in my past. I am so lucky to have found him. He is truly the man of my dreams.

To make this post even better Imma add this in.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: (drum roll please) I am now engaged to my Marine. We are one of the happiest couples. Right now, we don't want our families to know. We are waiting till after Easter to tell them. So now with out further adue, I will let you all know how he asked.

"Baby, I love you, you are my world. I want you to be my wife and the mother of our I love you Jessica Leigh King. I want you to be my wife, will you marry me? [] yes [] no".

My response: "☑ Yes, Edward, you know I will proudly be your fiance. I love you and no matter what I do I will never be able to prove it too you."

Him and I have made such great progress in our relationship. It has been like we were already engaged before, between our joint bank account and our house being remodeled for us. I am truly happy that he asked. I never wanted anything more than what he has offered to me.

This is nothing to be rushed. We both agreed to a long engagement of no earlier than a year and a half. I am happy for this, now instead of just jumping and running away from our problems I will now have to work at this relationship. I am excited to be taking this step forward.

I can't wait till he comes home as my Fiance instead of my boyfriend. I am so happy right now.

-- Soon to Be Mrs. James ♥


  1. Congratulations! I think the long engagement is a good idea and facing your problems head on is a deffinite must! My husband and I are having ours and in all the lessons I have learned in the past month that is one of the biggest.
    I wish you both the best of luck on this journey together! Its great you are both so happy

  2. Awh! I'm so excited for you two! That's the sweetest thing! :)

    The priority list? GREAT idea! I'm glad you two are able to work things out!

  3. I am so glad that everything worked out in your realtionship and that you are now engaged!! That's so exciting! Congratulations!

  4. p.s. I tagged you with some questions on my page :)

  5. Congratulations! Glad things are working out and you are back on track to being happy! You deserve it! :)

  6. AWE! I am so so so excited! Do you need a dress? Take mine please! James and I are finally back together, we took a short break but I'm really glad to have him back, I'm so happy for the two of you!


  7. girl i cant believe you didnt tell me :/ i have to go on your blog to find out these things. so not cool. i thought we were getting better at this best friend thing. Oh well i still love you