Thursday, July 15, 2010

Broken Anchor --

I am upset with myself. Edward sent me a beautiful necklace he bought me at the PX on base.
Its is the EGA the anchor and countries are gold with the globe and eagle are silver.
Seriously, it looks EXACTLY like the one at the top of the page in my header.
Only difference the rope is gold on the necklace.
I was picking up my room and when I was moving stuff off of my laptop.
The necklace was on it. I was just hold it and looking at it suddenly. . .
when I turned it over the bottom half of the anchor fell off.
I have not even wore it yet.
Its so pretty. (not any more)
I am upset with myself.
I even tried fixing it.
Super glue was the first that came to mind and was in my line of vision.
I but a very small dab on the globe part, next thing I know its sliding all over the rest of the EGA.
I tried putting it on the anchor and putting it on I would hold and blow on it.
Once I thought it was dried enough I would set it down.
Nope the bottom of the anchor would fall off.
So with the result of it still being broken, I will let you see what it looks like.
I don't want to tell him face to face.
or shall I say webcam to webcam.
I guess this is kinda of my way of saying it.
"Darling, I am so sorry! I didn't mean to break it. I don't want it broken. It was all an accident. I don't want you to be upset. I tried to super glue it back together, that just ended in a diaster. I feel horrible about it. I was actually going to wear it today too. I am really really really sorry. I love you!"
Do any of yall know where I can find another one??


  1. I'm sorry hun! You can still where the necklace without the anchor piece if you want. I can't imagine that he would be upset about an accident. Marines are big softies when it comes down to it.. haha. If you want another you can check online. I am sure you can find one at online PX stores.

  2. I'm so sorry!! Don't be too hard on yourself though.

  3. Oh no! Is there any way you can send it back to him so he can return it and get you a new one? Sorry if that's a dumb question...I don't really know where he is... =)

  4. Aw, I'm sorry. You could try taking it to a jewelery repair place, they can probably solder it back on for you.

  5. I totally know the feeling. Mike bought me a necklace that broke while he was in Iraq and I cried for hours thinking he would be upset but he understood it was an accident and we ended up getting it fixed. Everything will turn out fine =D