Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No one is perfect --

I feel like an untrue blogger. I only post the good. I never post the bad. The past two days have not been great been horrible in our relationship. I lost it on him. Truths came out. I need to breath and make some decisions. I want to blog to vent, but how would I put into words. I am afraid that he would will read it. I am sure it would make a whole lot more sense. I can't even get things straight to fix this situation at hand. I can't put it all together and talk to him about it. So how can I blog about it. I have no clue. Point of this blog is our relationship has hit a MAJOR rough spot.

Edit: In case I forgot to tell you all. I quit my job when he came home so I could be with him. Meaning I am on the hunt for a new job!


  1. Awe hun, I feel the same. I really don't blog about James & my issues, and I think I might, it is just really hard to talk about issues in our relationship, since James and I really don't talk about them.

    Where were you working?

    and BTW I left you a blog award on my blog.

  2. :[
    Hugs to you!

    I know what you mean about blogging about relationship issues, it is hard.

  3. Cris - I was working at Arby's. Thanks for the blog award, girl you are awesome!

    Catherine - Thanks girl. I needed it! I wish it was alot simplier though

  4. I'm not saying to post about ya'lls problems but write what your feeling down. It wont make sense at first but as you write it, it will start to come together. and I understand you not wanting him to read your vent (my hubs reads my blogs) but "sometimes" its nice to hear other people point of view.

    I hope everything works itself out for you and your Marine.

  5. no problem, i do. I heart your blog (:
    and I just applied at mcdonalds!

  6. I agree with Mrs. H. Writing it down works well! I always write an "email", either I end up sending it or erasing it, but it helps me out alot!

  7. thanks for stopping by my blog. i'm now a follower! i don't like to blog about the bad either but sometimes it's just good to vent, so go ahead girl! and i hope evrything works out between you guys.