Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

We have all heard of a New Year's Resolution. In case you haven't I will give you a quick background.

New Year's Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It's a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes.

Now let us be honest here, think back to past years when you made a Resolution for the New Year, do you really remember your resolution? Did you really follow through on it during the whole year? My answer is no, I don't remember my New Year's Resolution. I, also know for a fact that I haven't been able to carry out a resolution for the whole year.

This coming year 2011, wow so weird to say, I have three resolutions. I think that I will be able to follow through on them. I am certainly going to try my hardest. I know one of them is not really a typical resolution, but it is something for me that I want to do and keep up with. The other two are things I really need to work on.

My first resolution is Blog more. That is right I want to blog more, get back in the grove of blogging. I have a big year coming up, between graduating, turning 18, going to college and starting my own life, I want to keep it all in memory. I want to be able to reflect on the days that will soon pass by entirely to fast. I believe that this blog will help do just that.

The second one is more of a resolution, Try to stop putting myself down. I have this real bad habit of putting myself down. No matter how many times some one could reassure me that I was pretty and had good looks, I would look in the mirror and pick myself apart piece by piece. This coming year I am not going to put myself down.

Last but not least, I am going to be true to myself. This is were my life really begins, I need to start living for myself and doing what is best for me. I am not going to hide from my feelings, I won't let anyone influence me or tell me I can't. I have to be true to myself for myself.

I believe in myself that I can and will do those three things through 2011. I wanna know what some of your resolutions are. Leave me a comment let me hear them!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010



I want you after the video to tell me that:
That you didn't smile
That you didn't swell up with pride
That you didn't have the urge to scream Hell yes or Amen
That you didn't want to thank him for making that video
That you didn't laugh because it is so true and he is so funny