Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where to start --

Buenos Noches Senoritas

Don't let me fool you. Remove Formatting from selection
I barely passed high school spanish.
Alot has been happening I have been staying very busy.
Eh, don't let me fool you again.

Let me just try to be straight forward and do a quick catch up post. : )

  • Went to Kemah Boardwalk with my big brother and our friend Jessica Sunday.
  • Monday I went and saw Scott Pilgrim with my little sister and the rough patch in my relationship started.
  • Tuesday I got my high school schedule and went to my friend Kamerin's house and the rough spot continued.
  • Wednesday I stayed home and thought about my relationship, needless to say we sorta fixed things for now its more of a work in progress, but we are getting there.
  • Today went and looked for a new car. I think I now HATE car shopping as much as much as I hate all shopping! (that is right I am NOT a shopper)
  • Edward has been kicking his MOS follow on school's ASS!!!!
  • I won a blog award.

Now that my catch up is done and your all filled in let me give you details.

Kemah Boardwalk was awesome with my friends. Summer is ending and it was a great day. Scott Pilgrim is a funny movie, I would say it is a young adult/teen movie. My schedule for my senior year is pretty awesome.

  1. Office Aide (meaning I get to sit on my butt)
  2. Statistics (math class easier than precal)
  3. English 4 (eck, same teacher as last year)
  4. Library Aide (another sit on my butt period)
  5. Princples of Technology (trying to change to business law)
  6. US Government (woo history sorta)
  7. Accounting 2 (that is right I do my own taxes how many teens do that?)

As for things with Edward, we are getting over this rough spot. It is taking two to work at this and I just about gave up last night. This has been the worst of this relationship EVER. I mean we both brokedown into tears, beat on things to get the point across, cussing, and yelling. It has been the whole nine yards. We both have lost ALOT of sleep over this. Yet, I am hoping we are coming to the end of it.

Edward is literally owning his follow on school in the face, latest update I got at chow time was 4 out of 24 is passing. He is one of the four. I am so proud of him. He is so ECSTATIC about it. I love to hear the excitement in his voice. He is really happy with him self. I am still supporting him and congradulating him constantly.

I won "The Your Blog is AWESOME Award", thanks to Cris over at Solider Girl.

I don't think my blog is AWESOME, but it is getting there. I now am going to pass this on to 5 blogs I do think are AWESOME.

Nicole @ Flip Flops and Combat Boots, Amber @ Goodnight Moon, Kaylee @ Devil Dog Darling, Brandi @ One Year as Brandi, && Carmen @We See the Same Stars.

Well if any of you have stuck around long enough to read this congrats to you! I hope you all are ready for the weekend!


  1. Thanks pretty lady! Your blog is pretty awesome too!

  2. haha, I loved the opening to your blog! :)

    And ACCOUNTING!?? WOW! I can barely remember how to divide without a calculator (actually, I can't). Congrats on the award, though! And, I'm sorry about the rough patch you all are having. :/ It's bound to happen at least once, sometimes more than once, and I'm glad you all are working it out.

  3. Well thank you!!! I love reading your blog and hope things get better for you :) Hubby and I have hit our rough patch and done the constant fighting, feel free to e-mail me or anything if you ever need to talk.

  4. Thank you so much for the award! I think your blog is pretty awesome!

    Ugh, accounting. I hated it when I was in college and it convinced me to get out of the business school, ha ha. I'm sorry you guys are at a rough spot. Unfortunately that does happen but hopefully it will sort itself out soon! If you ever need to chat, let me know =)

  5. Glad that yall are working on the relationship and arent giving up. That is the most important thing. :]

    And sounds like a good schedule! I always wanted to be an office assistant when I was in High School, but my senior year it didnt fit in my schedule. :[

  6. Love, your blog IS awesome! :D I enjoy it every day ... so Kemah ... hmmmm. Do you realize how close we are to one another? LOL I see a blog meet in the future! :D

    thank you so much for the love you send my way, it really brightens my day. I have no doubt you two WILL work through this rough patch, it is possible when two people actually try and you two do. : )

    That's so funny, today we went and picked up my sister's senior year schedule just a little while ago. Boy did it make me feel old walking through the halls!