Saturday, August 21, 2010

The voting begins --

I have got 3 good title to start working with.
I would love to have more choices.
So with the help of
Brandi, Mrs. Gambizzle, and LMC I have a few prime choices.
Feel free to add some of your own.
To vote for your favorite -
Simply comment this blog with the number in front of the title.

  1. "Last Year to the Beginning of My Life"
  2. "The Future is Accounted for and the Rest is History"
  3. "Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginning's End"

Now for a little background on each title so you know where it came from.

  1. This is my Senior year, the last year of living a life my parents lead. After senior year I am going to be 18 and off on my own. I will begin to live my life.
  2. I want to be and Accountant, so my major of college is Accountanting, and my past is history. I will always remember my past it is my history.
  3. This my beginning to my life on my own. I have lived the life I am currently living since my birthm, my beginning. As this life I have been living for my parents come to an end. The beginning of my life will begin.

Please take the time to vote for a title or give me a title you like. I love your feedback. I hope to have this blog running tonight or some time tomorrow. Seeing how tomorrow night is my last first school night of grade school. It is so bitter sweet to say that.


  1. numero #1

    let me know if you want me to do the layout for the blog (:

  2. I like #1 too =)

    by the way thanks for love and support you left on my post. I appreciate it! <3