Friday, July 16, 2010


UGH, Yesterday was a good day. (or so I thought it was going to be)
A girlfriend of mine and I decided we were going to go and see the new movie called
"Dispicable Me"
We decided that on the way there we needed to stop at
the Wal-greens she works (use her discount) at and get me another
Preggers test. (aunt flow please show up)
This lead us to the mall a different way.
My car can't handle long stop lights or sitting still.
I completely forgot that after we were already half way there.
We are cruising along and come into the town famous for long redlights.
I am freaking out in my head.
I know she is going to over heat.
I get to the point of turning off my car at redlights.
Ah, Wham-a-lart!
I pull in for gas. I check my water and she is HOT!!
I am like GAH, we aren't going to make it to the mall with out her over heating.
We decide to soothe the car and rub her as we are trying to get out of wal-mart.
My poor car baby over heats.
We didn't even get back on the road.
We reversed out of the intersection and sit in Wham-a-larts gas station for an hour to let her cool.
She pit out rusted colored water (the beginning of electrolsis).
I filled her up with water and left for the mall.
I rubbed my dashboard and talked to her.
I made sure to comfort her that she would make it.
Well we got to the mall searching for a parking spot made her mad.
Simply because this car wanted the front parking spot by the door and sat there
while a family of 5 just got to there car.
They had to fold the stoller, put the baby in the seat, put the bags in and etc.
My car go mad and started smoking AGAIN.
So I went around this car and parked.
She was so HOT again! :/
We left and went into the mall with her smoking.
We walked the mall and watched the movie.
It was so cute.
It was after 8 when we got back to my car she sat for well over 3 hours.
I put some more water in her and got teh heck out of there.
I got on the highway and set cruise at 70 and came on home.
Well I was way over half way home and I look in my rear view mirror
nothing but white smoke pouring from my exhaust.
My hood is throwing out nothing but white smoke.
My car passed away on that highway.
I turned off cruise and realized crap I need to get across this bridge.
I laid on the gas and nothing but rattling.
RPMS didn't move along with my speedometer.
Ah, I was so mad.
I called my mom and she came to my rescue.
I had to strip my car baby like I was some kind of druggie getting money for whatever kind of drugs.
I didn't want to leave her on the side of the highway till god knows when.
I had no other choice.
I got home and told my Edward what had happened.
Had a break down cause my car baby was just sitting there and I have work to get to.
He reassured me everything was going to be ok.
He made some calls and was able to get his cousin who works for a tow truck company out of their hometown to help out.
He told Edward that he would get the car at 0200.
I stayed up until I knew my car was ok.
His cousin texted me and got me to meet him at my car he hooked her up and followed me home.
Needless to say she is home, but broken still.
That was my baby, my first car, and the only real thing I own.
When my daddy comes home I get to go shopping for a new car to replace my baby.
Awh, my heart is breaking.
R.I.P My 2001 Chrysler Sebring Sedan with a 2.7 liter engine.

It still amazes me how my Edward could be all the way in California and still take care of me as if he was home. I am so thankful that he did that for me last night. I love him and I apperciate everything he has and will do for me.


  1. Oh man, I'm sorry to hear about your car. I can't even imagine that. I'm dreading the day my car dies on me since I'm still driving my very first one. I'm glad that Edward was there for you =)

  2. I am very sorry about your car :( that is depressing.. but so sweet your man can still look out for you and take care of you!