Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day out with a USMC Gal --

Finally, I got the chance to hang out with a USMC Gal. Someone who actually understands everything I go through. It was amazing to meet her. I felt like I actually had someone on my side that I wouldn't have to explain EVERYTHING to too. She could offer advice that was actually helpful! We had a wonderful day together.

We met up in Pearland for lunch at Olive Garden! Who can resit those yummy breadsticks and salad!! (wipes drool) We both wanted to try something new, but didn't want it to be something we wouldn't eat. Of course I went by sight and as did she. We both ended up getting the Grilled Shrimp Caprease and Peach Tea. Ah, amazing Loved it!

After that we went shopping at this really cute mall. It was out doors. Luckily for us the day was nice and had a wonderful breeze. : ) We both spoiled ourselves, we are girls we can do that kind of thing. I got a few things. I finally got a red shirt for Fridays, to go along with it I also got a yellow undershirt and red knock off converse. Then I found a white little sundress and red with white polka flats for when he comes home. ( we plan to take professional pictures ) I found three pairs of sunglasses. (my addiction) Two pairs her and I sorta got matching, they are just different colors! I found camo clippies. I went into Bath and Body works, I normally just test things out. I do have my favorite scent from there, Sweet pea. I was looking and I spotted 75 % off bins. Low and behold, there it was Sweet pea everything. Body Butter, big , carry around lotion, spray perfume, and body mist. I got everythign except the perfume.

I actually spoiled myself for once and it felt GREAT!

As the day went on we found lots and lots of stuff, but we were just caught up in looking and talking. We went to James Avery to look at rings. She has made a good choice for her man. We finally noticed what time it was and decided we needed to say good bye cause of traffic. Luckily I got a couple pictures of us. : )
(work with me I didn't feel like downsizing the pictures)




This is a little Collage I made of her and I.


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  1. How cute glad you had such a good time! It is wonderful to have friends who are in the same situation. My little sister has that same bed set on her bed too cute! :)