Wednesday, July 21, 2010

21 && A Year Mark --

Today, or shall I say yesterday the 21st, was my man Edward James 21st birthday!
Woo yay go him!
The 13 of July he hit his year mark in the Marine Corps.
Woo yay go him!

I am so proud of him for coming to an end in his class! He will graduate the 27 of July! He got his MOS today. 2844, just what he wanted. He gets dropped in BC the 28th applies for leave and hopefully come home. He will pick up his follow on school on August 12th. He will graduates from that on the 1st of February. Then off to his PDS. Looks like 29 palms for a little longer for him.

He has done such an amazing job this past couple months. He got promoted to LCpl and is finally finishing class. I am so proud of him for kicking the classes butt! He has put so much time into the class!! He is simply amazing at his MOS. I couldn't be more proud of him! I am so glad he is happy with what he has got. He continues to strive for the best he can. He always succeeds too! I am glad he is doing so much to make his family and I proud of him.

Keep up the amazing work baby! I love you! Happy Birthday for like the bajillionth time today!

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