Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bridal Dress Giveaway --

Brides Across America is hosting a bridal dress giveaway to women who are marrying men in the military. I found about it on the news today at work. I will leave yall with the link to look at the states and shops that are giving away the dresses. There are a few things that they require for you to be eligable for a dress.

1. You must be engaged, and planning a wedding.

2. You were deployed or will be deploying to either Iraq or Afghanistan, or have a fiancee on active duty in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

3. You may qualify even if you got married by the Justice of the Peace and are planning an upcoming wedding.

4. All military brides must show proper ID, copy of deployment papers for
you or your fiance, orders or other qualifying proof must accompany the bride on day of event.

5. There is no registration just show up the day of the event. Please check with the individual stores for dates and times.

I hope some of you ladies qualify for the dress giveaway. Feel free to pass this on to other Milspouses. I will leave you with the link to get more information on it. Don't miss out on this incrediable oppurtunity.
P.S. I love how they use a Marine and his Bride for the pictures.


  1. their hubbys have to be deployed. its so sweet though! such an amazing thing.

  2. Ah, man! I'm like four years too late!