Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blogging Hiatus #2 --

I am so very deeply sorry.
I owe all of my followers a sincere apology.
I have been a horribly blogger for the past 2 weeks.
Yes, that is right 2 whole weeks of no blogging.
I won't make excuses cause I know there are some loyal bloggers who find time even when they have barely anytime to spare.
I will say this I was extemely busy.
I left the 28 of July to go on vacation with my best friends family.
We went to New Braunfels and tubed the Guadalupe.
We came home the 31st of July.
That was the day My Marine flew in to the airport for his week of leave.
That is right ladies I got to see my man.
It was amazing to have him home.
We made so many memories this time home.
We took well over 400 pictures.
It blew my mind.
I owe everyone of my followes a HUGE catch up post.
Maybe one of pictures from my trip and with my man home.
Don't worry, I won't post all 400.
I hope to catch up with all the blogs I follow.
I have started, but I am no where near the end.

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