Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WTH is going on!!

I thought I would make a random post, so some of you ladies could get a little laugh. I will say this there is a choice of words in here that aren't the best.

I let my man into my blogging world. Yes, that is right ladies he reads your posts! I love that he likes to reads everyones post. He was looking at Amber's blog over at Goodnight Moon! reading her post about her Fupa removal and tubesock inflation. This was the start of a funny and priceless conversations. I would have gotten pictures, but we were on MSN and not skype so I didn't have that option and I was dying from laughing and I couldn't get a screen shot! Anyways enjoy!

While we were on webcam he was reading and looking at her pictures and blog made the comment:

Marine -Wow, she is skinny.
Civilian -Yeah, she is. She looks like a teenager!
This is where it all turns around.
Civilian -Ugh, I hate this-
Marine -What baby?
Civilian -I hate being skinny!-
Marine -Don't baby, Your beautiful.
Civilian -No, I am serious, I am tired of being so skinny-
Civilian -Do they have reverse liposuction?-
Marine -Um, I don't know.
You should see his face it is so puzzled at the words coming out of my mouth
Civilian -I really want it! Maybe for my graduation gift-
Marine -Ok, I guess but I like you the way you are.
Civilian -I mean I am serious! If an overly obese fatwoman wanted too I would take her fat from her.
Marine - *insert confused awkward face*
Civilian -For real baby, you know the woman that are so fat and they waddle! I want that! I want to find a obese woman somewhere and ask her if I could have some of her fat and take to surgery and take it from her.
Marine -silience *still in shock hahaha*
Civilian - I want the fattest woman you know the one with the pussy pillow and the huge muffin top and
Right there the words pussy pillow is where he lost it! His face was like along the lines of
"WTF did she really say that! WTH is going on! OMG she can't be serious! She is loosing it! Seriously though a pussy pillow oh WTH is going on!"
As soon as I caught his face I died laughing. I couldn't even finish my sentence then I had to wait.
Civilian -the fat that hangs and jiggles from her arms! Oh and cankles I want those too!
Marine - Ok, seriously stop now. I don't want that. I love you the way you are.
Civilian - Oh so you wouldn't love me if I was fat? You would just blow me off.
Marine - No baby I would, but I perfer you like you are.
Some time I amaze myself. I worry about getting fat when I have kids and getting stretch marks. Yet, I find my self fantasizing about being an obese woman! Is there any help for me!
I just want to get some weight! I want to be thicker.
So if you read this is there any way I can gain some pounds??


  1. Ha ha I can't sympathize. I diet and exercise like crazy and cant lose anything.