Friday, February 25, 2011

Mystery Dan??

I got a random comment on one of my posts from "dan" about my looks. Not that is a bad thing, but I do not know of this "dan". I have tried to find him, but the sneaky "dan" made it where I can not see his blog. I do not take offense to the comment "dan" left, but I wish it was worded differently. Also, not knowing who this "dan" is, can be and is a little disturbing. I was hoping that maybe one of you lovely followers of mine would know something of this "dan". The only thing that comes to my mind would be my crazy stalking ex-boyfriend. I really hope it isn't him. If any one knows of this "dan" or has him as a follower, has had a comment left on your blog by "dan", or is following his blog could you please let me know? I would greatly appreciate your help.

**I meant to leave his name as "dan" with a lower case D, because that is the way it appears in my comments**