Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My picture perfect day.

Howdy, it is me AGAIN! I found out about an amazing team of two women who are putting on a give away for any USMC girlfriend/fiance/wife.
The two ladies who are co-oping this give away are (drum roll please).
Nicole, who has an amazing blog named Flip Flops and Combat Boots.
Her partner in crime is Melissa who has an Etsy Store, Perfectly Distressed, she makes wordboards and signs. (they are gorgeous)

Nicole is hosting the giveaway and Melissa is donating a beautiful hand made distressed sign for Marine couples.
This was such a wonderful thing for her to do.
I will give you a little sneak peak at what I would love to call my own. : )


If your not a Milspouse feel free to check out her store on Etsy, she has MANY of other designs and different signs.

I thought maybe I would tweak the give away a little. (I hope you don't mind Nicole)
I am going to write about the best day my Marine and I have shared, but I am going to add some inserts from him. Everything he said will be in "(parentheses)"
I will also have "*asterisks*" where I left a little comment.
That way you can see it from both views,
I think it will come out really cute. I hope you all enjoy it. : )

It all began May 29, 2010, It was kinda of a late start of a day for me considering I woke up late around 9ish. (well the day started early ass h**l for me I left base at 0400)
I was supposed to meet his basically little brother (my best friend), little sister, and their cousin aka his Ex and the mall by the airport at 1230.
*he didn't know they were coming, SURPRISE*
I left my house around 1100-ish. I was texting him NON-stop (I was on my way home and we were texting the whole time) so I could make sure everything was going to go as planned that he was going to arrive on time and that something didn't go wrong.
I finally get to the mall 1215-ish *I like to be early*. So, I start to walk the mall by myself. *hate that alone feeling*
I get a text from the surprise group at 1230-ish saying they were running LATE! *Argh, Eddie is landing at 1:30*
No later than 5 minutes I get a phone call from Eddie saying he was going to be late.
My heart DROPPED! I thought something had happened and that there was something wrong.
I tried to remain calm, turns out he only missed his flight.
*phew* (I got to DFW and my flight was waiting on a diff plane to move out of our way and then I missed my next flight to get to Houston)
Turns out everything was ok.
Everyone but I was running late, I just didn't one thing to go wrong.
*Eddie's new arrival time 1530*
*I am perfectionist* (I know she was trying to plan something but I didn’t know what so I finally started to get on the plane and I was on my way again)
I continue to walk around the mall by myself, still.
Finally, about 1345 I get a text from the surprise group to meet them by Barnes and Noble.
Sure enough I walk down there and outside they were standing.
I let them know Eddie was running late and they laughed.
*I now had people to walk the mall with*
It was so awkward to have his Ex with him that was still infatuated with him.
The awkwardness came to and end the closer it got for Eddie to be landing. It was fianlly 1445 and I decided we needed to leave to get to the airport that was 5 minutes down the road.
We get to the car and I speed over there. *bad me*
I find my way around that god for saken airport that is being reconstructed.
*They had me running all over the place to get to the first terminal*
I get to the parking garage and found a open spot after driving in circles about 8 times.
I was getting so nervous and anxious, I was shaky and checking my mirror, doing boob checks to make sure everything was in place, I kept adjusting my dress.
I wanted to look my best for him, I asked him to wear his blues home so I get that moment of pride! *not like I don't have it anyways*
OMG, there it goes, my phone its ringing. I dig through my purse panicking to find it.
*His little sister is telling me to chill out and his ex is like dramatic much?*
I get THE text, that one that says I landed!!!!!!! (I got off the plane and I was looking for a bathroom I was going to change in to my blues for her)
I was excited, no ECSTATIC!
*mind yourself, this is his first time coming home to ME, my first time to pick him up as my significant other*
He texts and ask me where I was so he could come and find me. (I was texting her and was saying I didn’t know if I was going to change but I was and I asked where she was and I started to walk that way )
I told him the end of the terminal behind the "DO NOT ENTER" sign.
So here comes the groups of people, I am standing in a line. I have his little sister to my right and the Ex to her right. I am literally SCOPING these mass crowds of people.
No, not this crowd, nope not that one either, nuh uh not that one, Ah wait is that him NO!
Ugh, I text him to see where he is and he said "Chill, I am coming" *ugh hurry up already* (I was getting a lot of people looking at me and a few ooorahs lol and then I get past the do not enter sign and I don’t see her but I can hear her yelling and I was still walking and all the way at the end of this long ass hall way)
Finally, I see him. Walking in a group of 2 or 3 people, I am squealing from excitement.
I went to take off, his little sister grabbed my arm. Apparently, they knew if they let me go as soon as I say him then I would pass the "DO NOT ENTER" sign and then all H**l would break loose.
There he is walking towards me in his blues, I fell his little sisters hand let go of me.
I take off like a bat outta you know where, I am in flip flops so all you hear is clack clack clack across the airport. Everyone is watching me run! *I was in track for 100 meter dash*
(I see her and my best friend, lil sister and her cousin and Jessica started to run not the I am glad to see you run but the I want to kill you run lol but I thought she wasn’t going to stop so I stood there and dropped my bag and got ready for her to tackle me and she slowed down at the last min)
I was finally getting to the point where I needed to slow down, I came to a some what slower pace. I grabbed him, it was like a death grip hug, it was the BEST feeling in the world.
I was shaky and crying a tiny bit. (and huged me realy tight and she couldn’t breath really good and was crying a lil )
I was trying to talk to him while trying to breathe and cry. It was really hard.
He asked who all came and here they came his little sister and his ex. (when she could talk again I asked who else came and she said my best friend did but she don’t know where he went so I found him and we talked for a lil but then we got in the car)
His best friend stayed back. I told him he had came. I was talking to Eddie and he noticed how shaky I was.
*here is how shaky I was, I couldn't hold the camera still*
We walked back to the car. Got in went to the mall so I could parade around with him on my arm. : ) (went to the mall and walked around and took some pics and I saw a Sgt. there in his blues too)

We left the mall and headed to his house so he could drop off some stuff and say hello. That was a fun/awkward ride. Him and I were singing a Keith Urban *I wanna feel the sun shine shining me and you* song to each other with his Ex in the back seat. Every time he would look in the rear view mirror her eyes would be giving him the death stare.
We got to his house he went inside said hello and gave everyone their hugs.(then we went to my house and I changed)
After that we all piled back in my car and headed to his best friend/little brothers house. ( then went to my friends house and houng out there for a while)
That was when we got to actually hold each other and be lazy on the couch.
We took bunches of pictures on that couch, wrestled with each other, and talked about stuff.
Once it got around feeding time for his horses we headed to his house. (and went back to my house and feed the horses and talked to my mom and dad then it started to get late and her mom wanted her home so we left and I was driven her moms car (and she should make a diff blog about that lol))
We fed the horses, sat around in the living room talked to his mom and dad.
My mom was texting and asking when I was going home that she didn't want it to be late. *truth is she wanted to see Eddie*
Around 8-ish we said our good-byes and headed to my house for the night.
Once we got to my house my mom was SO EXCITED to see, but no where near as happy as I was.
We sat around and talked to her and watched some T.V.
After that I wanted to spend some time alone with him.
I took him in my back yard. *I live in the country* I had a lawn chair laid out for us and country music playing.
*the good ones for tanning in*
We laid there in each other arms looking at the gorgeous Texas stars. : ) (she turnd the readio on and we were just looking up at the stars for like 30 min)
We shared and intimate moment with each other.
After that I was happy even more than before. We continued to lay there.
A song came on the radio, I liked it and I kinda wanted to two step, but I am not that great at.
I was stupid enough to make the mistake of saying something. (then a song came on that she liked and she was singing it so I said lets dance and she was like no I cant lol but I talked her in to it so we did)
He got me up and made me dance. *I loved every minute of it*
I just wish I could remember what song was playing, I was just so lost in the moment I couldn't remember.
After dancing with him Copperhead road came on and I was showing him how to do it.
I couldn't get him to do it. : /
Although, we both got a couples laughs of me doing copperhead road in my pajama's on the back porch at 2300 with dogs jumping on me.
My mom came outside to check on us and ask if we would come inside cause it was late.
I finished dancing for him and we went on inside. (her mom came out there and checked on us then went back inside and we did to after that)
We laid on the couch together and watched some more T.V. that was a perfect moment.
Him and I on the couch in our matching pajama pants in each others arms sharing kisses and laughs. (we watched some more tv and then I satyed the night and was in her bed)
We finally went to bed around 0300 only because we knew we had a long day ahead of us the next day.
I loved being able to sleep knowing he was right down the hall in my bed. *I slept with my mom*

That day was the most perfect day I could ask for. It had every emotion in it. I would relive it in a heart beat. I remember like it was yesterday. It is the one day I look back on if I have a bad day. I will never forget it, it was that truly picture perfect day for me. (and I loved that day and am going to remember it for ever)

That is my blog entry for Nicole and Melissa's Co-Op give away. I hope I win!
Thank you ladies for allowing me to share my perfect day.


  1. aw i like how you did this post!! too cute!! lol and i love your "shaky" picture...you must have been so excited! good luck girlie! :)

  2. LOVE the signs! Too bad we're AF

  3. thanks so much for the great idea!! i think I WILL do that!