Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are you in Texas??

Leaving work at 1900 yesterday to meet my dad for dinner. He leaves me a voicemail telling me he is getting hungry and that he had a surprise with him. : D You can only imagine the things running through my head at that moment. I don't even take the time to delete the message, I immediately hung up and called my Marine.

"ARE YOU IN TEXAS??" (I had my hopes high simply because this weekend is July 4)
"No?? Babe, I am in my room. Why?"
"UGH are you serious! Dad said he had a surprise and well I thought it was you."
"No, I am sorry baby. I got to go to study group for the test tomorrow. I love you."
"Love you too baby"

So here I go Arby's uniform and all into Papa Ro's to meet my dad. I walk in and Bam, there it is a package labled to me. I look it says Zales on the outside. I didn't take my time opening it! I just wanted to see what it was.

The it was a shiny Zales ring box. I open it up and inside is a promise ring from my Marine. : )


My dad looked at me and asked "Well, where are the tears!" I knew he had bought one. We both had no idea it had been shipped to me yet. My parents knew about it, but they didn't know that I knew about it. That resulted in no tears!

He made my day so much better by finally getting this ring. I love looking at it and knowing that it shows that I really belong to someone know. No more guys hitting on me!!!

So I just wanted to know, Have you ever got a promise ring? How did you recieve it? Did you give him one back?


  1. Wow that promise ring is gorgeous! I remember when mine was given to me (many years ago... ha ha) Mr. M wasn't even a Marine yet when he gave me mine. We were only dating for two weeks and he knew I was the one he wanted so he bought me a teddy bear that was holding a box for Valentine's Day and he told me to open the box and the ring was in there. It was so nice and very romantic! Mr. M has an allergy to certain jewelry so I didn't give him one back but now he will be wearing a wedding ring so that's much better! =)

    P.S. I thought a ring would prevent guys from hitting on me and unfortunately it didn't. Hopefully they stop for you though because it does get quite annoying!

  2. aw this is sweet. I am your swap buddy from Flip Flops and Combat Boots. Such a great surprise! Gave me goose bumps. Good luck to you both and do i have to send you my addy? I think I need to go back and read the directions lol. nice to meet you im jenn!