Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the bf agin

well Jessicaand i have been going out for the past 6 months and i love this girl with all of my heart and i want her and everyone els to know about it so on the weekend of the 28 Mar 2010 i had to go home but i didnt have the money to fly so i went on a bus and she texted me the hole time i was on thataa fucking bus and she made the time fly and i coudlnt wait to see her so thro out that week we saw each other every day but 1 but we talked on the phone that hole night the we went to see Shes out of my league i have all ready seen it but i thout she was out of my league so i thout it wouold be a good moive so we went and saw it and we met each other there and i remwber seeing her comeing up the stars and seeing her long legs and then shes looking around for me and i walked around like it wasnt me then came up behind her and said something so then that hole time in the mive i was beating myslef up about trying to hold her hand put my arm around her all of that stuff and then after the moive was over we went to leave and i was trying to bring my slef to give her a kiss goodnight so we talked some more and i put her lil ass jacket on and sh took a pic of me and then after that we kissed good night and we left so then on 4-1 her and Haylee got me really good and i didnt know that both of them were coming i had a rose not 2 and i didnt even think it was the 1st and she was late by alot so i am sitting there with my rose and ppl are trying to talk to me and then i see her agin and all of the ppl just dissaperd and i just saw her and i walked to the atm and then i saw her friend . . . . then on 4-3 i asked her mom Jody if i could stay the night and she said yes and i slep in her bed and she slep with her mom then i went and woke her up that morrning and she mad me some food adn then see walked me to the truck and gave me a kiss good by and gave me back my ipod and i told her i love love you and she didnt say anything and i asked her to be my girlfriend andshe said yes and i was running late for my flight so i went home and had my dad take me to iah and i missed my flight and i was there for a nether 2 hours and she was trying to talk her mom in to coming and seeing me be for i left but she wasnt able to come and then i i was on my way back to cali : / with her on my mind and i was going throu my ipod and she left me a msg on my notes that said i love you and i still have that and that was our first week togather and baby i love you so much and i cant to count the years go by you mean so much to me i love you Jessica Leigh King

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