Friday, May 28, 2010

Excited Jumpy Post --


-For starters, today as of 12:35 p.m. I am offically a SENIOR!! Woo go me. I have accomplished so much in the past three years of my life. After this last year, my life will change. I am excited and nervous for it at the same time.

- In less that TWENTY-FOUR HOURS my Marine will be home. Ah, kisses and hugs deluxe, I have been waiting for this for almost two months now! It is long over due to fall in love with him again. We have so much planned for when he comes home. My main priority take lots and lots of pictures and spend mucho grande (i know grande means large, hey it sounds good) time with him.

- Its offically SUMMER!! No more school work, no more sitting in a desk in one spot for hours, no more plain white walls, no more teachers telling you to be quite, and no more DRAMA. I am so happy!! Now, I just get to soak up the sun, go to the beach, hang out with friends, go to bonfires, dance with my girls anynight of the week, not have to worry about curfews and it being a school night, spend time with my Marine, and have count ups along with count downs! I love it!!

- Tonight, I will be attending my Best Friends graduation. I am going to cry my eyes out the whole time. I was looking forward to project graduation after words, but she forgot to turn in her paper. : /

- Now that I am done being all jumpy, I am off to get me a wonderful Large Vanilla Dr.Pepper from Sonic and then go shopping for a outfit for tonight. After that I will be going to Wal-Mart for a swim suit and print out pictures. : )

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend with your families on Memorial Day. : D

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eh, I am at a loss for a title to this post.

Sweet Thrusday, day before Friday. Today has been good, I got to vent to my History Teacher, which by the way is an AMAZING woman and teacher. She let me blab on and on this morning about Obama's issues. She is truly an inspiration. I teared up and was about to cry because I was so INFURIATED. One girl in the class told me it is no reason to cry. Correction I wasn't crying and I was just THAT mad. She doesn't understand the posistion as a Milspouse.

I took 4 of my 7 final exams for my Jr. year. They seemed easy besides my spanish one. It feels good that the year is ending, I can feel summer setting in. I got out super early today and it feels amazing to have the rest of the day off. : ) I had a great lunch, a chopped beef sandwich with baked beans, and coleslaw. Yum. LOVED IT.

OK anyways, I am blogging about things yall probably don't care about so time to make this interesting.

My Marine will be landing down in Houston to be with me in 2 DAYS!!!!!!! YIPEEE! I am so happy!!!! I got my outfit and my nails done. Time will go by fast. I have graduation tomorrow at 8 and after that I will be attending Project graduation with my senior friends from midnight till 6 in the mourning. I will then come home sleep for a while and when I say while I mean till 9:30 or 10. Then get ready to go and pick him up at the airport. : D

Yay, I am excited for him to be coming home. Memorial day weekend is going to be one to remember. I am taking him to Kemah board walk for the first time and spending time with our famililies. I am hoping that a BUNCH of pictures will be taken. : )

OK, today is not quite over yet, I am hoping I will be able to have a better post to write later tonight over something more interesting.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aggravation setting in -- (Obama)

Ugh, I am so fed up with our President. I hate even to say that he is our President. Most of my followers know of HIM not attending the Arlington Wreath Laying Ceremony for Memorial Day, instead he will be in Chicago with family. This is so aggravating. I have such a stirred emotions over this I can't seem to get them to come out. Obama lacks respect for our country. He has done many different things in his time in office.

-Bowing down to Tampa Mayor.
-Not sticking up for America against the Mexican President.
-Not wearing a Ribbon on his Tuxedo during speeches as previous Presidents have done.
-Not attending the Ceremony to honor the fallen Law Enforcement Officers along with current.
-Not attending the Arlington Wreath Laying Ceremony. *COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE MILITARY*
-Doing away with NASA, a huge part of American Histroy, it helped make America, America.
-Not placing his hand over his heart as the National Anthem is played.
-Not taking responsibility for his actions, looking for alternative outs.
-Not living up to what he has PROMISED American.
-Sure this is not all but most, I am looking for more to come around.

Like I said before, huge lack of respect for America. At least one congressman has what it takes to stand up for America, check out this video.

As far as the First Lady Comparing her life to the one of a Milspouse, she better just back off. At least her husband can spend 300,000 dollars for his amored car to protect him *not to mention he has bought more than one amored car*, at least he has numerous numbers of people watching over him at all HOURS of the day, that he can walk around with body gaurds twenty-four seven, and that he has people willing to take a bullet for him throughout the day.

As for us Milspouses, our Military men are their OWN bodygaurd, they having nothing to stand between him and a bullet, his amored car doesn't get inspected daily before he gets into it, doesn't have 5 inch thick bomb proof glass, tuff as nail tires, doors that are covered in 8 inches thick metal, or invulnerable interior material that can with stand a chemical attack. The only people we have watching over our Military men our his fellows brothers or sisters in his branch. Cause our "President" sure is not doing anything worth a hell.

She has nothing on us!!!

I think I might be done for now, I need to cool off and let my blood pressure go down. I might be back to post another blog or edit this one.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Not so crazyy Mondayy --

Today, was my last Monday of my Jr. year of high school. Woo. :D

I have had two highlights of my day.

1. I found out that I passed my Exit Level TAKS Math Test. That means I have passed one of four of the state required tests that I need to graduate next year. Go me!

2. My Marine got his internet hooked up in his room!! Finally, it has been about a week since I have seen his big day brightening baby blue eyes, his crooked country grin, and his fast growing hair in that priceless military haircut. Ahh, my sweet surrender. God, how I missed his shining face.

After getting a short video call from him he had to go off to his Duty for the night : / Less talking once again. Seeing his face was enough to get me through my last week of school. : )

Once again the countdown continues! Only 5 more short days till I get to feel his arms around me, his lips against mine, his rough Marine hands entangled in my neat freshly manicured soft girlie hands ( they won't stay that way for long since we are going back out to his ranch : P ), or until I get to see his face get that " Oh shit she spotted me" look **Pardon my french, but those are his exact words**, the twinkle in his eye when I tell him I love him, and that excited look to see all his family, Harley, and Princess.

AHH, so much to do before he comes home. I need to get the arrangements for his pick up at the airport, a mani/pedi for me, buy an outfit to wear, prepare for a trip to Kemah Boardwalk, and a day with the families. I hope we get to do everything we want, if not I am COMPLETELY happy with taking care of horses with him, laying around at his house in his arms, running arrands for his parents, and swimming in his or my pool.

Ok basically I am just excited for him to be coming home. :) I hope everyones Monday was peachy - keen!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting Scared --

I have laid in bed every day after school since Monday. Yes, I feel lazy and like I need to get up and do something, but all I can bring myself to do is blog, check facebook and myspace, think about my Marine, and watch my phone for him to call. I feel like I am going paranoid watching for his facebook status update, staring at my phone for hours, and constantly wondering what he is doing and thinking about. I can't get him off my mind. I can't get any sleep and I feel like I am out of my body. My friends keep asking if I am ok that I seem off. I find myself worrying about things like him and I growing apart since we can't talk that much. I feel as if I am loosing connection to him. I don't want that to happen.

Is this all normal or am I just crazy? I am new to a military relationship, and I feel so lost. Is there any advice for me?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Looking up --

Things are starting to look up, (fingers crossed I didn't jinx it) I got 2 phone calls today and a few texts. Maybe Fridays are just good days, who knows. I have a little table beside my bed that I stare at while I lay in bed. It has his cover, two pictures of us, and some little momentos from when he was home. Ah, home. Just 7 more short days till he is home again!! : ) Comfort at last. Also, only 6 days till I am finished with my Junior year. AH, my LAST summer of grade school!! I am going to be a Senior. That blows my mind. O.O Luckily for me my summer is filled with school work, yay for me. Dual credit for college and high school. Hey, who isn't up for free college?! My Senior year is supposed to be super easy, I sure hope the counselor is right. I just know that I hope my Senior year, My Marine and I stay together. Him and I are one of my goals to accomplish for now. : ) Reality is setting in, lets just hope all goes well. All I can say is I hope for the best and expect the worse.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

1 month and 20 days --

It has been one month and twenty days since I last got to feel his warm embrace around me. Luckily for me on the one month and 29 days I will get to feel it again. I miss him terribly, but that is the price you pay when your in a military relationship.

Seperation, I am over coming it piece by piece. All I know is right now I feel like as soon as I get adjusted to him being away he comes home, but when he comes home I won't get enough time with him and he is gone again. Don't get me wrong I love getting to see him, I just wish it was longer. I know there is nothing I can do about it, besides hope, wish, dream, and pray that next time its for longer.

He picked up class on Tuesday, yet again I am so proud of him and everything he is accomplishing. He told me that he wasn't going to be able to talk to me as much. I expected it and told him it would be better that way he could keep his mind on his schooling and not fail out. I didn't realize it would drop down to 2 texts a day and about a 3 minute phone call at night. I didn't sleep good last night, because he wasn't sleeping beside me on webcam. The outcome of that left me with a headache, pissiness, and a lack of sleep. Not to mention the monthly being right with me this week too. : /

He brightened up my day when he sent my text for the day after his PT and said:

"I just got done with PT and i am sorry for not being able to talk much and i dont want you to feel like i have forgot about you i love you i just got a lot to do in a short time and after that we can talk all the time and i love you honey."
That was my mood lifter for the day along with chocolate. : ) I hope every ones day was good.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No show Comments??

UGH, I am getting so aggravated!!!!! My blog is not showing my comments. It says I have two on my previous post but of course they are not showing. : /

Help!! Please??

Can one of my followers give me any kind of tips, tutorials, websites, or anything to help me customize my blog?? I keep seeing all these cute blogs and I am getting jealous. : P I would love to have a cute little blog like some of my followers, but I just can't figure it out. : / I would be willing to pay for it if I can ever hold on to the money for it, too bad for me I have a car that eats gas, so the gas eats my money >.< Oh, how I crave that cute blog.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

He did it!!! --

Today, My Marine picked up class again. After the minor set back a while back. He gets to start all over and go through class. I am so proud of him. He deserves this more than anything. I just, ahhhhh, I can't express how happy, excited, and proud of him I am. He has come along way, I was beginning to think he was loosing hope in the Corps. Not anymore!! On top of all this, he gets a 96 at the end of the month for Memorial Day, I will get to see him. Ah, my first weekend of summer with him, AMAZING!! I can't wait!!

You might leave a little Congrads note, he does check up on him.

Thank you everyone for your support!!

Scattered Blogging --

Sorry to my followers, I have been lacking on posting blogs lately. I am hoping to catch up real fast with a quick recap from May 8 till Today. I hope I can keep this short so you don't get to bored and wonder off. Lol.

Saturday, May 8, was my Senior/Junior prom. I had alot of fun. For all the stress I went through the week of it, it was a very deserved relief. I felt bad for my Marine, as he could not attend. He was upset about it and really wanted to be there. So as I got ready I had him on video call to watch and talk to me as I got my hair and make-up done. I felt very pretty and he assured me I was beautiful. Hoping that the Marine Corps Ball makes up for lost time. : )

Sunday, May 9, was Momma's Day. I slept till 10 and then spent the rest of the day with my mom and grandmother. It was a nice day, pretty weather. Nothing stood out. Just a family day at home. My Marine sent my mom some Mother's Day flowers. Very sweet of him to do with a nice message that I was afraid for my life for her to read. It had the normal mothers day wishes and asked for her luck in becoming her son in law. Surprisingly, she took it very well. : )

Last week seems to be uneventful as I don't remember much. What I do remember is another down between my Marine and I.

I wasn't myself and he could tell. : / We talked about it and it eventually broke down into trust, pasts, and me being open and able to tell him everything and anything. He gave me all the right reasons for me to trust him not to do to me what my past ex did. I love the way he loves me and can reassure me that he would never do anything intentially to hurt me. He told me I have no reason not to be able to tell him anything because he loves me and does the same for that he will listen and not critize me and that the past was the past and it is unchangable. I just told myself to let go and I did. I told him everything that was bugging me. He took it very well and understood. I am so lucky to have someone as understanding as he is. Today I was thinking about our little set back and I began to wonder if the reason why I am scared to fully commit myself and trust in him is if godforbid something happen to him and he not return. Just a thought though.

This past Friday, I went to my friends house that I hadn't seen in about a year. We had alot of fun. Saturday we got to be teenagers under the supervision of adults. We were allowed to drink, (DO NOT LIKE IT?? DON'T CONTINUE TO READ!!) with the adults. I was reminded I was a very lightweight drinker. I had 2 Mike's Hard Lemonade, 2 Sirmnoff's, and 1 shot of Vodak. I felt fine until I went outside on the porch to get out of the noisey living room of overly intoxicated adults. Got outside and about 10 minutes after of standing around and talking I got sick. It all hit me at once. Not pretty at all, I counted a total of 15 times of loosing everything. My Marine was being very caring like he always is calling and making sure I was ok, and trying to help even though he was so far away. I over reacted, said some things I shouldn't had.

Woke up sunday morning still nauseous. I realized what I had done and needed to fix it. I tried calling him and texting him. I over reacted and paniced myself out. I thought I ruined everything between him and I. Come to find out he was upset but understood. I left my friends at 9:30 and then home I went to lay in bed all day catch up on sleep, recover from my saturday night, and catch up with my Marine. It was a pretty good lazy day in bed talking with him.

Now as for today, I woke up went to the bathroom and was welcomed by mother nature, the red devil, Aunt Flo, the crimson tide, or just my monthly. UGH, what a wonderful way to start off my Monday much less my week. Here comes the mood swings, cramps, headaches, bloating, tiredness, and cravings. Then on top of all that I had to babysit 2 kids. The mom was late the Texas weather was HORRIBLE. I couldn't see to get home. It is just now 12:08 a.m. on Tuesday morning and I am just getting home. Yay, for me. I am going to bed now.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Friday was a downer -

Every relationship is expected to have downs amongest all the ups. My Marine and I had our down friday. I had been thinking about our relationship all day. Some good some bad. I got home Friday from school and just wanted time to myself. Between the stress of prom, my parents, and missing him, I needed "Me time".

I quickly changed my clothes and headed into town to get a pedicure and a full set of nails for prom on saturday. I felt lost the whole time. I couldn't sstop thinking of the negative in my relationship with my Marine. I knew this wasn't good and was going to lead to worse. The boy can read me like a book. He has me completely figured out.

So I got home and talked to him a little while before he headed off to pass and rise. I faked it off with a smile, until the end I was tired so I laid down while he was getting ready I didn't remember to stay happy. Soon he asked if I was ok I said "Yeah, just a little tired." I continued to tell him I was just going to take a nap when he left for pass and rise. Sure enough as soon as he left I passed out.

I woke up right before he left and still negative thoughts running through my head, I decided to go to the local movie theater to watch "The Last Song". Him and I watched it when he was home. I really made the mistake of doing that because I went into a mental breakdown at the Movies and had to leave.

I drove around town crying and thinking about the lack of trust in the relationship between him and I. He is texting asking me what is going on. I just said " I need time to think." I soon stopped at sonic for a cherry limeade to help me be in a better mood. While I sat there I called him, I explained what I was feeling. He talked me through it we expressed our opinions.

What did he do? Anything a military husband/fiance/boyfriend would do. Stay strong for the both of us, reassure me everything was going to be ok, and that he loved me no matter the distance we had between us. I am thankful he remains posistive towards situations like this.

Thursdays Surprise ( a little behind on posts )

My Marine sent me a, I guess you can call it a Care Package. All he would tell me about it was "There is a couple of things that are going to smell like me." Ah, the way he smells, I miss it so much. He has a bottle of my perfume and he would always spray it on his pillow and remind me everynight that it smelled like me. I was sad cause I didn't have anything that smelled like him. I just lived off the memory of laying my head on his chest and taking a deep breathe and smelling his cologne.

I got a text at school from my mom saying you got a box from your Marine today. That single text made my day better. After getting flowers the day before, I get a box the next day. It was a good week especially with prom on Saturday. I couldn't wait to get home from school so I could rip the box open.

I was so excited when I got home, that I forgot to wait for him to be on cam when I opened it. I ran in the house and there it was on the counter just waiting for me. My mom was in the kitchen putting away groceries. I put my stuff down on the ground by the counter and my mom turned around with a big smile on her face and said to me " What's in the box? I wanna know." For some weird reason I think she was more excited than I was. I replied " I don't excatly know yet, but if you hand me that knife we can find out." Well needless to say she handed it to me and we broke into the box.

I knew there was something hidden in the box. Everytime a Marine would walk into his barrack he would ask them " do you think she will find this?". He never showed me what it was. I just know he said something way before he started to put together the box that he was going to send me his cover.

The first thing on top of the box was his desert camies cover. My mom and I torn it up looking for what could be hidden within this cover. We flipped it inside out and couldn't find anything. I handed the cover to her and I kept looking. I pulled out many thing. Mostly simple little momentos from us spending our first week together. Things I would hold on to, plane tickets, movie stubs, and his core values card.

Finally at the bottom of this box was his woodlands cover, I said "Mom, look what I found." She jerked it out of my hand and I grabbed it back looked on the inside and there it was little pins, the insignia of his rank pinned on the inside of his cover. My mom was mad that she spent that time digging through his desert cover looking for something. I just laughed.

We went through the rest of the box of things he sent me. There was one of his broken boot lace that gave him hell, a bottle of his cologne, his PT shorts and shirt, two covers, a notebook that he wants us to write back and forth in, pictures he had printed out of us, duct tape (I have no clue the motive behind that one), and the little momentos.

I really enjoyed going through the box and feeling closer to him. Here are a few pictures of the things he sent me.


The pins that my mom went through hell to find on top of the notebook he sent me.


There is the shorts, shirt, two covers, the notebook, and the pins.


The first page of the book he sent. This just seemed to make it even better. I smile every time I look at it. It is an instant mood booster.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crying in class --

Today, in my U.S. History class we began to watch "We were Soldiers". We just finished going over Vietnam in class. I had never watched this movie before, so I didn't know what to expect from it. The teacher told us she cries everytime she watches it, this meant nothing to us because she cries over commericals and stories we tell her in class that are not even sad. Over emotional? I think so.

So, I didn't think anything of this movie being sad or what not. We began to watch it and we get to the point where one of the men's wife has there baby. What do you know our teacher is crying ALREADY. All the girls are saying "Awh, thats so cute." Girls you know how we are. So the teacher sucks it up and we move on.

Then here it comes the part where they find out they are being deployed. The teacher began to sob when the woman simply said "Ladies time to pull out your best dress" or something along that line. Lol. We all look at her turn around and contimue to watch the movie.

Shortly after that Mel Gibson gives the speech the men go home for the last night with there wives. As the men start to leave I loose it. I grab his dogtags from around my neck and begin to squeeze them tightly in my hands while I am crying. I look around and 3 of my class mates are crying along with my teacher. I didn't feel so silly now.

Soon, I realized I had a reason to be upset about it and to be crying over a movie. What they are going through in that movie, I am facing in reality. The deployments, constant worrying, the struggles, and the seperation. I know I have actually been through a deployment yet, but I know I will sooner than I want too. The other girls in class have no idea what it is like to have a relationship with someone in the military.

The only good thing I see to this crying and thinking about deployment was I know that every time it crosses my mind that it is making me mentally stronger and ready for when he does get deployed. This is just another way I am preparing myself for the future. Sometimes I just wish I had someone who actually understood what I am going through and was there for me. None, of the girls I know are faced with this challenge in their life. That is why I have turned to blogging.

Also, another thing that really upset me today. Well to tell you the truth it didn't upset me, it made me mad. One of the girls in my class made the statement that "if my boyfriend or husband was ever deployed the day he left I would tell him I want our marriaged nulled". That is horrible I am sorry. How could you do that. You know what you are getting into when you engage yourself in a relationship with someone in the military. Ugh, so aggrevating. I gave her my opinions along with the other girls in class that agreed that was wrong. I realize not everyone has the same views and that a military relationship is not for everyone! Way to make my day WORSE!!

On that note. I hope everyone is having a peachy keen day : )

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So far away, but still so sweet --

Today, has been the one month mark for us to be together. : ) It makes me so happy. It's not that big of an accomplishment, but it makes me happy to know that I made it. I am wishing for many more months. With him being in California going through class for his MOS, he wasn't here for the one month mark. Yet, he still found a way to show his love for me.

I was walking the track in my P.E. class. I was walking with a group of girls and my coach, sliding my phone due to the boredom that I had to endure. I saw it light up when I slide it open once, naturally I looked to see what it was a text from him since he was at lunch or my mom calling for Lousiana. I was puzzled when I saw that it was a call for a number I didn't know. I asked if I should answer and my friends were like "Yeah go ahead". So I answered it on speaker phone, next thing I here. . . . .

"Hello is this a Ms. Jessica King?"

"Yes, it is may I ask who is calling?"
"This is the Easy Street Florist in Cleveland, I am calling to confirm a delivery to a * insert address here *"

"Yes ma'am that is my address."
"We plan to deliver the flowers before 2:30 are you going to be at the given address."

" No, actually I am at school right now."
"Ok, that is fine. Which school are you at and we can have them delivered there?"
"I am at Tarkington High."
"We will have them delivered there for you."
"Wow, ok Thank you."
I was puzzled about the flowers and then it hit me. My Marine sent me flowers for our one month. He made my day then and there. I was so excited to see what kind of flowers I was getting. For once, I didn't sleep in math class. All I wanted was for the phone to ring and the office to call me down to get them. It rang, my face lit up. I knew it was for me. The teacher excused me and I went to the office and I almost started to cry.
All I ever wanted was for a guy to be sweet and surprise me with flowers at school. Just that guy to look like the greatest boyfriend a girl could ask for. He did it and made himself to be an amazing guy and it made me look good too. All my friends that it was so sweet and cute he did that. They were jealous of me.
I really enjoy the flowers. They are gorgeous and smell wonderful.
The card with the flowers read
"I love you Baby and this is thee first of many.
This is our month together but know we are going to be together for ever baby.
I love you"
( Yes, he did put and extra e on the. )

Baby, if you are reading this blog (which I know you are), Thank you so much for the flowers. I love them you did a wonderful job picking them out. I love you for doing that for me. You are everything I have been looking for. I look forward to spending many more months with you. I can't wait to see you at the end of May. I love you baby.
I hope everyone had a wonderful day just as I did. If not I hope that your week brightens up for you.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I can feel the stress setting in --

Here it comes, I can feel it. The one thing no female likes. STRESS, I hate it. It takes control of me. I know it can only worsen when your on your own, but please keep in mind I am only in high school.

I have prom this Saturday, not that big of deal but when three schools in the area are having it on the same day, you run out of Hair and Nail Salons to go to. I don't and am not going to have a date. I haven't order my corsage yet. : / I am so far behind on that.

Also, TAKS was last week I had been preparing for that. It took away alot of my class hours to work on my research paper that is a huge part of my grade for my English class. I am so far behind and its due friday. Looks like a couple of all nighters will be pulled for that class alone this week.

Then my college classes. I have my powerpoint that is taking the place of my research paper for that class due this week. With the 2 days a week I attend my college classes, you don't have much time to work on it. Basically it is up to me to finish it on my own time. For some reason I can smell alot of coffee and see alot of hours in a computer lab this week.

The list continues, I have 7 classes a day. Generally out of the 7, 3-4 give homework each night, some easy some not so easy. All the homework you get during the week as always is due the next day. I am feeling a huge lack in motivation to finish of this. My body is already draining of energy I can feel it. I can sense the state of procrasination coming over me.

It never seems to end. With the school year coming to an end the state wants to start trying out a new standardized test called EOC ( end of course exams ). The class of 2011 is the guniea pigs for the state of texas. So now along with the semester exams for every class the last week of school. Throughout the month of May we have to be adminstered the EOC's. We have no way of preparing for that test, and I hate the feeling of unpreparedness.

I get to talk to my Marine every night, and I feel that with all this work I will be neglecting him. I want to talk to him as much as I possibly can, but it's crucial for me to finish this all. I hope he understands and doesn't get upset or suspect other things happening.

I so hope that prom makes up for this hetic week.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A day at the Marines house --

I didn't find the time to blog on sunday. So here goes Sundays posts on Monday.

Saturday, the Marines horse Princess had her colt. Its a palomino paint male. Since my Marine wasn't home, he was not able to see the colt. I took off Sunday with my best friend to go to his house and take some pictures of the colt for him and make sure Princess looked good and that Harley's foot recovered from being bit by a copperhead snake. >.<

The colt is abosolutely precious, of course you have to wait till he gets older and looses his baby coat to tell his true colors and markings, but for now he is so pretty. He looks like his older brother that they sold. It was trying to run and play, but didn't exactly have his land legs yet. So you would get quite a little laugh out of the colt.

I felt more at home being at his house, even if he wasn't there. I got to see his dad again. That was very awkward without my Marine being there, simply because this was the first time for me to be around his dad without him there. I just wish he was here to see the colt and comfort me. Soon though very soon will he be home.

Here are some of the pictures I took with the animals. : )

Photobucket Harley -- His chocolate lab, her foot recovered very nicely from the bite. She was very happy to see me and to hear her dad's voice on the phone.

Photobucket There he is. The newest addition to the James's family. All he needs is a name. Ideas?? I think he is a very good looking colt. The mama to the colt is behind him.

Photobucket This is Jr. a brother to the colt. Very beautiful horse. I was giving him kisses from his daddy, well ok so I love the horse too.

All in all, this weekend was good with girls night friday, being lazy and laying around the house all day saturday while talking to my Marine, to driving into houston to his house to check up on everything. Only down part is my mom left for Lousiana, so I have the house to myself and I feel alone. : / Hoping for a good week.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday's Small Talk --

This Saturday's Small Talk 6 is the last 6 things before you close your eyes at night. To learn more about Small Talk 6, click here.
You can respond to each topic with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 sentences, 6 paragraphs, or 6 photos.

1.Let Darla Lynn inside.
2.Turn off my desktop && Turn on my laptop.
3.Check my blogs while laying in bed.
4. Video call The Marine.
5.Turn on my country music.
6.Tell The Marine I love him && fall asleep.

I found this on the blog -- The Ramblings of a Marine Wife.

Girl's night in && The Marine on my mind;;

Friday night was my girl's night in. This week has been HETIC around my house. It can get out of hand. I have been preparing the the TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) test for the past month. This past week the TAKS was giving to the students. The TAKS test determines if I was to graduate from high school or not. So I was worried about passing them and getting it over with.

Then to find out I believe it was tuesday, my mom's friend over 30+ years was found deceased in her kitchen at home. So I have been helping her deal with it. Trying to get her out of the house and doing things to keep her mind off of the death.

Then the Cursed Research paper I have to do for my english 3 class, is due next week I believe. I am so far behind on it, I know I have the full potential to very well on. The category is Careers, so take a guess on what I chose. . . . . . . That is right you guessed it The military -Marine Corps. I have plenty of information on it I am just not finding alot of time to do it.

So this week has been stressful, my best friend Haylee and I decided we needed a girl's night to end this horrid week. We rented three movies and cuddled up on the couch with our phones and dogs and began our movie night. The three movies were The Blind Side, He is just not that into you, and The Uninvited. Very good movies all of them. It was nice to just be with my best friend, relax, and not have to worry about things.

Yet, there was this one person on my mind the whole time, The Marine. I can't forget him, I can only occupy my mind breifly. Do this and then do that and hopefully to keep my mind busy enough on the task at hand to not wonder and think about him and how I miss him. During the movies all I could think about was if he was home we would be watching movies, I would be cuddled up on the couch under the blanket imbracing every waking moment with each other.

Even though he wasn't home girls night was still good. Got my mom in on the movie watching she enjoyed them. I am looking forward to having many more girls nights to come before Haylee graduates this year.