Saturday, May 1, 2010

Girl's night in && The Marine on my mind;;

Friday night was my girl's night in. This week has been HETIC around my house. It can get out of hand. I have been preparing the the TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) test for the past month. This past week the TAKS was giving to the students. The TAKS test determines if I was to graduate from high school or not. So I was worried about passing them and getting it over with.

Then to find out I believe it was tuesday, my mom's friend over 30+ years was found deceased in her kitchen at home. So I have been helping her deal with it. Trying to get her out of the house and doing things to keep her mind off of the death.

Then the Cursed Research paper I have to do for my english 3 class, is due next week I believe. I am so far behind on it, I know I have the full potential to very well on. The category is Careers, so take a guess on what I chose. . . . . . . That is right you guessed it The military -Marine Corps. I have plenty of information on it I am just not finding alot of time to do it.

So this week has been stressful, my best friend Haylee and I decided we needed a girl's night to end this horrid week. We rented three movies and cuddled up on the couch with our phones and dogs and began our movie night. The three movies were The Blind Side, He is just not that into you, and The Uninvited. Very good movies all of them. It was nice to just be with my best friend, relax, and not have to worry about things.

Yet, there was this one person on my mind the whole time, The Marine. I can't forget him, I can only occupy my mind breifly. Do this and then do that and hopefully to keep my mind busy enough on the task at hand to not wonder and think about him and how I miss him. During the movies all I could think about was if he was home we would be watching movies, I would be cuddled up on the couch under the blanket imbracing every waking moment with each other.

Even though he wasn't home girls night was still good. Got my mom in on the movie watching she enjoyed them. I am looking forward to having many more girls nights to come before Haylee graduates this year.


  1. Stopping by along the blog hop from yesterday! I am now a follower! look forward to getting to know you better

  2. needs to happen soon have alot to do these coming weeks wont be much time