Monday, May 10, 2010

Friday was a downer -

Every relationship is expected to have downs amongest all the ups. My Marine and I had our down friday. I had been thinking about our relationship all day. Some good some bad. I got home Friday from school and just wanted time to myself. Between the stress of prom, my parents, and missing him, I needed "Me time".

I quickly changed my clothes and headed into town to get a pedicure and a full set of nails for prom on saturday. I felt lost the whole time. I couldn't sstop thinking of the negative in my relationship with my Marine. I knew this wasn't good and was going to lead to worse. The boy can read me like a book. He has me completely figured out.

So I got home and talked to him a little while before he headed off to pass and rise. I faked it off with a smile, until the end I was tired so I laid down while he was getting ready I didn't remember to stay happy. Soon he asked if I was ok I said "Yeah, just a little tired." I continued to tell him I was just going to take a nap when he left for pass and rise. Sure enough as soon as he left I passed out.

I woke up right before he left and still negative thoughts running through my head, I decided to go to the local movie theater to watch "The Last Song". Him and I watched it when he was home. I really made the mistake of doing that because I went into a mental breakdown at the Movies and had to leave.

I drove around town crying and thinking about the lack of trust in the relationship between him and I. He is texting asking me what is going on. I just said " I need time to think." I soon stopped at sonic for a cherry limeade to help me be in a better mood. While I sat there I called him, I explained what I was feeling. He talked me through it we expressed our opinions.

What did he do? Anything a military husband/fiance/boyfriend would do. Stay strong for the both of us, reassure me everything was going to be ok, and that he loved me no matter the distance we had between us. I am thankful he remains posistive towards situations like this.

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