Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aggravation setting in -- (Obama)

Ugh, I am so fed up with our President. I hate even to say that he is our President. Most of my followers know of HIM not attending the Arlington Wreath Laying Ceremony for Memorial Day, instead he will be in Chicago with family. This is so aggravating. I have such a stirred emotions over this I can't seem to get them to come out. Obama lacks respect for our country. He has done many different things in his time in office.

-Bowing down to Tampa Mayor.
-Not sticking up for America against the Mexican President.
-Not wearing a Ribbon on his Tuxedo during speeches as previous Presidents have done.
-Not attending the Ceremony to honor the fallen Law Enforcement Officers along with current.
-Not attending the Arlington Wreath Laying Ceremony. *COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE MILITARY*
-Doing away with NASA, a huge part of American Histroy, it helped make America, America.
-Not placing his hand over his heart as the National Anthem is played.
-Not taking responsibility for his actions, looking for alternative outs.
-Not living up to what he has PROMISED American.
-Sure this is not all but most, I am looking for more to come around.

Like I said before, huge lack of respect for America. At least one congressman has what it takes to stand up for America, check out this video.

As far as the First Lady Comparing her life to the one of a Milspouse, she better just back off. At least her husband can spend 300,000 dollars for his amored car to protect him *not to mention he has bought more than one amored car*, at least he has numerous numbers of people watching over him at all HOURS of the day, that he can walk around with body gaurds twenty-four seven, and that he has people willing to take a bullet for him throughout the day.

As for us Milspouses, our Military men are their OWN bodygaurd, they having nothing to stand between him and a bullet, his amored car doesn't get inspected daily before he gets into it, doesn't have 5 inch thick bomb proof glass, tuff as nail tires, doors that are covered in 8 inches thick metal, or invulnerable interior material that can with stand a chemical attack. The only people we have watching over our Military men our his fellows brothers or sisters in his branch. Cause our "President" sure is not doing anything worth a hell.

She has nothing on us!!!

I think I might be done for now, I need to cool off and let my blood pressure go down. I might be back to post another blog or edit this one.

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  1. Don't you edit this! I have seen a lot of posts like this. and you need to stand up for your beliefs down to the word! Amen sister!