Monday, May 3, 2010

I can feel the stress setting in --

Here it comes, I can feel it. The one thing no female likes. STRESS, I hate it. It takes control of me. I know it can only worsen when your on your own, but please keep in mind I am only in high school.

I have prom this Saturday, not that big of deal but when three schools in the area are having it on the same day, you run out of Hair and Nail Salons to go to. I don't and am not going to have a date. I haven't order my corsage yet. : / I am so far behind on that.

Also, TAKS was last week I had been preparing for that. It took away alot of my class hours to work on my research paper that is a huge part of my grade for my English class. I am so far behind and its due friday. Looks like a couple of all nighters will be pulled for that class alone this week.

Then my college classes. I have my powerpoint that is taking the place of my research paper for that class due this week. With the 2 days a week I attend my college classes, you don't have much time to work on it. Basically it is up to me to finish it on my own time. For some reason I can smell alot of coffee and see alot of hours in a computer lab this week.

The list continues, I have 7 classes a day. Generally out of the 7, 3-4 give homework each night, some easy some not so easy. All the homework you get during the week as always is due the next day. I am feeling a huge lack in motivation to finish of this. My body is already draining of energy I can feel it. I can sense the state of procrasination coming over me.

It never seems to end. With the school year coming to an end the state wants to start trying out a new standardized test called EOC ( end of course exams ). The class of 2011 is the guniea pigs for the state of texas. So now along with the semester exams for every class the last week of school. Throughout the month of May we have to be adminstered the EOC's. We have no way of preparing for that test, and I hate the feeling of unpreparedness.

I get to talk to my Marine every night, and I feel that with all this work I will be neglecting him. I want to talk to him as much as I possibly can, but it's crucial for me to finish this all. I hope he understands and doesn't get upset or suspect other things happening.

I so hope that prom makes up for this hetic week.

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  1. girl i know what your going through i had all that last year and then senior year isnt a walk in the park either trust me i love you and keep your head held high