Sunday, May 2, 2010

A day at the Marines house --

I didn't find the time to blog on sunday. So here goes Sundays posts on Monday.

Saturday, the Marines horse Princess had her colt. Its a palomino paint male. Since my Marine wasn't home, he was not able to see the colt. I took off Sunday with my best friend to go to his house and take some pictures of the colt for him and make sure Princess looked good and that Harley's foot recovered from being bit by a copperhead snake. >.<

The colt is abosolutely precious, of course you have to wait till he gets older and looses his baby coat to tell his true colors and markings, but for now he is so pretty. He looks like his older brother that they sold. It was trying to run and play, but didn't exactly have his land legs yet. So you would get quite a little laugh out of the colt.

I felt more at home being at his house, even if he wasn't there. I got to see his dad again. That was very awkward without my Marine being there, simply because this was the first time for me to be around his dad without him there. I just wish he was here to see the colt and comfort me. Soon though very soon will he be home.

Here are some of the pictures I took with the animals. : )

Photobucket Harley -- His chocolate lab, her foot recovered very nicely from the bite. She was very happy to see me and to hear her dad's voice on the phone.

Photobucket There he is. The newest addition to the James's family. All he needs is a name. Ideas?? I think he is a very good looking colt. The mama to the colt is behind him.

Photobucket This is Jr. a brother to the colt. Very beautiful horse. I was giving him kisses from his daddy, well ok so I love the horse too.

All in all, this weekend was good with girls night friday, being lazy and laying around the house all day saturday while talking to my Marine, to driving into houston to his house to check up on everything. Only down part is my mom left for Lousiana, so I have the house to myself and I feel alone. : / Hoping for a good week.

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  1. and im the best friend that went with her and had fun. : )