Thursday, May 20, 2010

1 month and 20 days --

It has been one month and twenty days since I last got to feel his warm embrace around me. Luckily for me on the one month and 29 days I will get to feel it again. I miss him terribly, but that is the price you pay when your in a military relationship.

Seperation, I am over coming it piece by piece. All I know is right now I feel like as soon as I get adjusted to him being away he comes home, but when he comes home I won't get enough time with him and he is gone again. Don't get me wrong I love getting to see him, I just wish it was longer. I know there is nothing I can do about it, besides hope, wish, dream, and pray that next time its for longer.

He picked up class on Tuesday, yet again I am so proud of him and everything he is accomplishing. He told me that he wasn't going to be able to talk to me as much. I expected it and told him it would be better that way he could keep his mind on his schooling and not fail out. I didn't realize it would drop down to 2 texts a day and about a 3 minute phone call at night. I didn't sleep good last night, because he wasn't sleeping beside me on webcam. The outcome of that left me with a headache, pissiness, and a lack of sleep. Not to mention the monthly being right with me this week too. : /

He brightened up my day when he sent my text for the day after his PT and said:

"I just got done with PT and i am sorry for not being able to talk much and i dont want you to feel like i have forgot about you i love you i just got a lot to do in a short time and after that we can talk all the time and i love you honey."
That was my mood lifter for the day along with chocolate. : ) I hope every ones day was good.

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