Monday, May 24, 2010

Not so crazyy Mondayy --

Today, was my last Monday of my Jr. year of high school. Woo. :D

I have had two highlights of my day.

1. I found out that I passed my Exit Level TAKS Math Test. That means I have passed one of four of the state required tests that I need to graduate next year. Go me!

2. My Marine got his internet hooked up in his room!! Finally, it has been about a week since I have seen his big day brightening baby blue eyes, his crooked country grin, and his fast growing hair in that priceless military haircut. Ahh, my sweet surrender. God, how I missed his shining face.

After getting a short video call from him he had to go off to his Duty for the night : / Less talking once again. Seeing his face was enough to get me through my last week of school. : )

Once again the countdown continues! Only 5 more short days till I get to feel his arms around me, his lips against mine, his rough Marine hands entangled in my neat freshly manicured soft girlie hands ( they won't stay that way for long since we are going back out to his ranch : P ), or until I get to see his face get that " Oh shit she spotted me" look **Pardon my french, but those are his exact words**, the twinkle in his eye when I tell him I love him, and that excited look to see all his family, Harley, and Princess.

AHH, so much to do before he comes home. I need to get the arrangements for his pick up at the airport, a mani/pedi for me, buy an outfit to wear, prepare for a trip to Kemah Boardwalk, and a day with the families. I hope we get to do everything we want, if not I am COMPLETELY happy with taking care of horses with him, laying around at his house in his arms, running arrands for his parents, and swimming in his or my pool.

Ok basically I am just excited for him to be coming home. :) I hope everyones Monday was peachy - keen!


  1. Is he coming home from deployment?!? Sounds like you had a good day to start your week off! :o))) Hope the rest of your week is fabulous sweetie!

  2. No he isn't. I am lucky he isn't deployed. He is just coming home for Memorial day weekend.