Friday, May 21, 2010

Looking up --

Things are starting to look up, (fingers crossed I didn't jinx it) I got 2 phone calls today and a few texts. Maybe Fridays are just good days, who knows. I have a little table beside my bed that I stare at while I lay in bed. It has his cover, two pictures of us, and some little momentos from when he was home. Ah, home. Just 7 more short days till he is home again!! : ) Comfort at last. Also, only 6 days till I am finished with my Junior year. AH, my LAST summer of grade school!! I am going to be a Senior. That blows my mind. O.O Luckily for me my summer is filled with school work, yay for me. Dual credit for college and high school. Hey, who isn't up for free college?! My Senior year is supposed to be super easy, I sure hope the counselor is right. I just know that I hope my Senior year, My Marine and I stay together. Him and I are one of my goals to accomplish for now. : ) Reality is setting in, lets just hope all goes well. All I can say is I hope for the best and expect the worse.

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  1. The litte things can always change the whole day!