Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scattered Blogging --

Sorry to my followers, I have been lacking on posting blogs lately. I am hoping to catch up real fast with a quick recap from May 8 till Today. I hope I can keep this short so you don't get to bored and wonder off. Lol.

Saturday, May 8, was my Senior/Junior prom. I had alot of fun. For all the stress I went through the week of it, it was a very deserved relief. I felt bad for my Marine, as he could not attend. He was upset about it and really wanted to be there. So as I got ready I had him on video call to watch and talk to me as I got my hair and make-up done. I felt very pretty and he assured me I was beautiful. Hoping that the Marine Corps Ball makes up for lost time. : )

Sunday, May 9, was Momma's Day. I slept till 10 and then spent the rest of the day with my mom and grandmother. It was a nice day, pretty weather. Nothing stood out. Just a family day at home. My Marine sent my mom some Mother's Day flowers. Very sweet of him to do with a nice message that I was afraid for my life for her to read. It had the normal mothers day wishes and asked for her luck in becoming her son in law. Surprisingly, she took it very well. : )

Last week seems to be uneventful as I don't remember much. What I do remember is another down between my Marine and I.

I wasn't myself and he could tell. : / We talked about it and it eventually broke down into trust, pasts, and me being open and able to tell him everything and anything. He gave me all the right reasons for me to trust him not to do to me what my past ex did. I love the way he loves me and can reassure me that he would never do anything intentially to hurt me. He told me I have no reason not to be able to tell him anything because he loves me and does the same for that he will listen and not critize me and that the past was the past and it is unchangable. I just told myself to let go and I did. I told him everything that was bugging me. He took it very well and understood. I am so lucky to have someone as understanding as he is. Today I was thinking about our little set back and I began to wonder if the reason why I am scared to fully commit myself and trust in him is if godforbid something happen to him and he not return. Just a thought though.

This past Friday, I went to my friends house that I hadn't seen in about a year. We had alot of fun. Saturday we got to be teenagers under the supervision of adults. We were allowed to drink, (DO NOT LIKE IT?? DON'T CONTINUE TO READ!!) with the adults. I was reminded I was a very lightweight drinker. I had 2 Mike's Hard Lemonade, 2 Sirmnoff's, and 1 shot of Vodak. I felt fine until I went outside on the porch to get out of the noisey living room of overly intoxicated adults. Got outside and about 10 minutes after of standing around and talking I got sick. It all hit me at once. Not pretty at all, I counted a total of 15 times of loosing everything. My Marine was being very caring like he always is calling and making sure I was ok, and trying to help even though he was so far away. I over reacted, said some things I shouldn't had.

Woke up sunday morning still nauseous. I realized what I had done and needed to fix it. I tried calling him and texting him. I over reacted and paniced myself out. I thought I ruined everything between him and I. Come to find out he was upset but understood. I left my friends at 9:30 and then home I went to lay in bed all day catch up on sleep, recover from my saturday night, and catch up with my Marine. It was a pretty good lazy day in bed talking with him.

Now as for today, I woke up went to the bathroom and was welcomed by mother nature, the red devil, Aunt Flo, the crimson tide, or just my monthly. UGH, what a wonderful way to start off my Monday much less my week. Here comes the mood swings, cramps, headaches, bloating, tiredness, and cravings. Then on top of all that I had to babysit 2 kids. The mom was late the Texas weather was HORRIBLE. I couldn't see to get home. It is just now 12:08 a.m. on Tuesday morning and I am just getting home. Yay, for me. I am going to bed now.

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