Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I will be watching Airplanes --

I don't know how you Milspouses do it. "Good-bye" are offically the two hardest words to say. I am going to miss the hell out of him. : / This was the first time I had to say good bye to him as my boyfriend. First time saying good bye was more like a "Eh, we will see where and how things go" type of thing. This time not so much. AGH! I can't stop this waterfall!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I will be posting a blog later about our weekend together!


  1. Keep yourself busy. Set goals for when he gets back and work on accomplishing them in the time that he's gone. Change something; the living room wall paint, rearrange the house, start learning a new language, stuff that you can work on when you start to have too much time on your hands. Idle time is when I think of my DH the most, so I try to keep that to a minimum, luckily with 3 kids and nursing school, idle time doesn't visit me much, but when it does, I get rid of it by working on my Deployment Goals.

    Hope this helps.

  2. It's not "how" we do it, it's just "we do". You will be fine, and remember it's okay to cry and be angry and disappointed, and happy all at the same time. Just be strong, stay busy and lean on us for support. He will be home before you know it!

  3. I am a new follower to your blog. Just wanted to introduce myself, I am an Air Force Fiance.

    Keep your chin up girl. The other ladies gave wonderful advice, keeping busy is key!!