Monday, June 21, 2010

Regulars are nice -- Marines are sweeter --

Today at work was not that bad, it was just busy. I am still gettin in the swing of things. I love my job and the people there. They always keep me in a good mood. My regulars are fun and the other know how to have a little fun. I get alot of comments from them telling me what a wonderful smile I have and that I am so energetic and happy no matter how fast I am moving or busy it is. I love it!! Yet, nothing can top what my Marine says to me.

I come home from work and he texted me saying he was headed back to class to check my MSN when I get home. So sure enough I did. I was kinda worried about what it said so I asked good or bad and he replied. "good. . ." : ) that made me feel good.

I will let yall read what he wrote me.

" ok baby i love you and your my world no matter what happens i know your there for me and i love that and i know i am going to be there for you no matter what happens and i am going to love you throu thick and thin and you should know that but if you didnt well i am going to make shur you do and i am going to do everything i can to make shur your happy as much as i can you know why its you love

drives me to do theas kinda thing lol but i love doing it and then seeing your face and knowing that i made your day and i want to know every thing about you and ya i know we know alot more about each other than alot of ppl do but i love that and when you talk about me i love that and just to see you all the time i love it even if we dont talk but just to see you makes me feel like i am home and

i promise to you my love forever and always and to love you more every day that passes and i promise to never to do anything to hurt you and if i think it is i am not going to do it and i promise to talk to you about every thing and befor i do anything big cuz you may not think it matters but baby to me it matters all the time and i love you and i promise to never lie to you about anything els and

i am sorry for all the stuff i have lied about and its not much lol but i wish i could take it back and i promise you i want to spend the rest of my life with you and haveing us a happy family out on a ranch some where and haveing lil kids runing around lol and i know you want some but its a good thing that we dont have to worry about it for a while now cuz i want to be there for when that dose

happen and idk what i would do if i lost you and baby i love you and i never want to let go and i just cant wait for that last day of school to get here lol and x-mas lol but ya i just cant wait for you to be with me and hold you when we go to sleep and ya i have been wanting to do that for a while now but i think it is sweet lol but ya i love you babby and i cant wait for all of our plans can
start to work and we can be happy

i love you honey baby sweethart babe lover lol idk but i do love you baby

well i love you baby and i got to go back to class and i go ta 100 and a 90 today lol and pt sucked ass but i will get in as soon as i can and i cant wait to see your beautiful eyes and face i just love everything about you lol " (ignore the line breaks that is where I took out his email address)

Ahh, his sweetness drives me bonkers!! I love him and his good ole southern boy-ness!! His spelling could improve, but it just gives the whole message characted. Oh and his LOL that is used ALOT. My mom always tells me that if he didn't say lol so much things might have more meaning. Hmm. . . . I don't care it doesn't bug me.

He promises me alot stuff in that, its all because he bought me a promise ring. I haven't got it yet, but I know its coming. I am so excited to see it. That will be one heck of a post.

What are some of the sweet things your significant other does to brighten up your day?

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  1. Just the little things...waking up to an email from him, getting a phone call even after he's had a bad day. When you're apart, the little things mean more :)