Friday, June 11, 2010

Not staying on track --

I make this plan to stay focused and on track to get my blogs wrote. Things keep popping up to keep my plans from going as I planned them to go. Some have been good and some not so great. : /

I got picked up in the modeling world. I had a runway audition Tuesday, I passed and got offered an Exclusive shoot Thursday and a photoshoot Today (Friday). Those were basically just body shots and head shots to be sent off to the top 4 modeling agencies known, along with a shoot today of me in two looks.

With that said, I spent Wednesday shopping for outfits for today. Thrusday, I went and got a friend away from family issues and had the photoshoot. Today, I had to deal with My wallet being misplaced, DMV lines being longer than god only knows what, getting a letter from the post office, taking my friend home, finding high heels for my outfits for the outfits, and my idenity being stolen. Not to mention I had to make it to my shoot on time. Agh, i was pressing for time. Luckily for me he was running behind.

Just for a time frame I had to be at my photo shoot at 3:30 and I didn't get out of my house till 9:30.

I stopped at the DMV, saw the line asked for my paper to fill out for a duplicate license, my response " You will have to wait till we hand out the forms again in about an hour" By this time its already 10. I left. Went to Wal-Mart exchanged a pair of shorts in which I didn't even wear for my shoot. While I was there had to go to my bank close my account and open a new one. Finally, got out of there by 11. Ran to my friend's house, had to stop at Vanity fair and Payless for clothes and shoes. Got to her house by 1. I left her house after her mom picked out two outfits for me to wear. I got home around two. I had to put on my first outfit, put my other outfit in a bag, did my hair, foundation, and powder and I was on the road again. I had to meet my parents in town before I could procede to the shoot I made it to them by 2:45. I still had a 40 minute drive to the shoot.

I was about ten minutes late, but he was behind by 15. THANK YOU LORD!! : D I took all my photos in my two outfits everything went amazing! I was so happy for that. I, then headed home to a much needed foot rub and a Vanilla Dr. Pepper with an egg roll from Jack in the box. AMAZING.

I found my wallet which helps me from having to go back to the DMV. I will get my photos back tomorrow. I applied for some jobs to keep me busy and my mind off of him. I don't think that is going to work cause him and I are not getting to talk that much so I find myself thinking about him so much more. I think I got a hit. : )

As for now, imma try and find some time to write my planned, much over due, exciting, and sad blogs. SO keep your eyes peeled for new posts. : )

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