Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Clearing him of my mind --

Well, not completely.
I have finally found something to occupy my time. : )
I went on a job search.
Applying anywhere and everywhere.
After applying numerous of places, including.
Rue 21, Forever 21, Arby's, Toy's R Us, Walgreen's, CVS, Sonic, McDonalds, Cowboy Cleaners, and a few others.
I finally found sucess. : D
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Ok, so its not that big of a deal considering I used to work there, but I have my first/old job back.
I am happy, they are like my family, and I get to work with them all again.
Today was a very bittersweet day, but I enjoyed it.
Now, there is more reasons than just him for getting a job.
I need money for gas, things that need to be fixed on my car, and money for things I wanna do over the summer.
Yes, I did want a job to keep me busy and put other things on my mind.
That way I wouldn't worry about Marine and I, or simply him.
I won't lie I still have him on my mind, but its alot less than I did before I was working.
Now, that I have this job I can do what I want to do.
I get to spoil my Marine and keep him happy and feel closer to home.
I love him and I am hell bound to keep him happy on base.
Sitting around doing nothing, but blogging and Facebook, Imma miss it.
Maybe this summer won't be so bad.
Where was your first job??

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