Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Military Men & their Oakley's??

Recently my Marine bought a pair of Oakley Shades. He alone is so sexyy in his camis, but now that he has his Oakleys he seems even SEXIER with them.

I love my Marine with out a doubt. Yes, I may call him a Dork, Loser, and an Idiot, but he is mine. Things have changed though, now that he has his Oakleys he thinks he is HOT SH*T. It is more often not that I find myself calling him a dork, loser and an IDIOT.

Is this with all military men? I have noticed that in pictures of milspouses and there man and of course they are strutting and working their Oakley Shades. They wear them all the time and within a week they have a sunglasses tan and look like racoons. It is so bad to the point of them wearing them inside. : P

I think its cute they act like girls with new shoes. We can't wait to put them on and make our feet impressions in them to make them comfortable to fit our feet.

I have a found a reason for them wearing them, it gives them motivation, they feel bada**, and they enjoying seeing us laugh and smile at their silliness. : )

So with all this being said I will leave yall with a picture of my Marine in his Oakleys.



  1. no oakley's here! ray bans all the way!

  2. I think its a young marine thing. Flyboy had some back in the day but now he's a crusty old thing and wears his aviator ones. which i cant. stand. at. all.

  3. Haha!! I have to say that Oakley's aren't my husbands fave (or at least the military style ones), BUT he wears them because they're given to him and stuff...and he can't say no to free stuff!!