Sunday, June 20, 2010


Let me start from the beginning. Every one knows how women get pregnant. (lets hope we do)

Three weeks ago my Marine came home. It had been a month since I had seen him. I won't go in to the details. So lets skip into the part where we think I am pregnant.

Of course I was not the smart teenager and he was not the smart male, enough said cause we know how most males get when it comes down to sex. We were not safe. : / Mistake number one. It takes two and I am just as much to blame as he is. He was as careful as possible to be quick enough to pool out before a big accident was to happen.

Soon he leaves for base AGAIN! Everything goes great until the week Aunt Flow was supposed to come and visit me. I was worried cause she was running a little late. I brought it up to him and things got a little hetic.

He started asking questions as to if I was. What would we do? How would we tell parents? What about our relationship? Just so many questions he was asking. It became the subject we talked about every night. I grew tired of it mainly because it was making me worry so much.

Yes, I want kids don't get me wrong. Just not in high school, I would like to finish school. My outlook on it was if I was I would take of things and live the life of a teen mom and if I wasn't learn from my mistakes and make sure it didn't happen again.

Him and I decided Tuesday before i left to go to his parents house that i would go and get a pregnancy test with my first paycheck. Well last night i decided to stay the night with my friend to clear my head and have some fun.

My Marine got ansy and really wanted to know the answer. So he asked if my friend Haylee would buy one and pay me back for it. She agrees on the way back to from the mall shw would buy for me so we could find out. Sure enough I was well over due to pee!!So I ran right to the Wal-Mart bathroom and used the little booger to find out the answer.

On the way to the car I called my Marine so he could here me read the answer Haylee grabbed it out of her purse and looked at it and it got quite so she looked at me I grabbed it and looked at it and i screamed BLODDY MURDER OF HAPPINESS!!


WOO, not pregnant. That was the biggest relief of my life. Unforunately for my Marine it was little bit of a disappointment. I felt bad for him cause I was so happy and he just wanted to have kid and a family. Thsi is the text response I got from him after we got off the phone.

"...I know if it would have been positive you would have broke down and been mad and happy would be the last thing on your mind"

the next text

"I am not abbay but IDK but I am not upset about it i am am happy but i would like to have a lil kid but ya i know you ahve to finish school and all of that and now i dont have to worry about messing the rest of your life up buit i know your happy about not being prego..."

I felt bad for him cause he just wanted a lil Jr. running around when he came home and a kid to call his own. One day he will but not in the next year.

Just to be sure I checked the test this morning to make sure it didn't change. Also, in two weeks I will be taking another test to make sure that the test was not accurate. Lets hope for the best, but as of right not I am not PREGNANT!!!

So with this post I ask. How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant? Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? How did the guy feel?


  1. girl dont we all know that you were so nervous about even getting it that i had to carry it around for you makin me look bad;; but honestly you wouldnt make it without me;; just sayin i love you and i know something good willl come out of all of this

  2. If you are not ready for a baby and are happy you are pregnant, I am so glad that test was negative:)

    When we found out we were pregnant, I was NOT expecting it. I cried, and I was scared to death. He was leaving for deployment two months later, and I knew I'd have to take care of the baby myself for a few months and that he might not be home for the birth.

    After a day or two of letting it sink in, we just were excited! Everything has worked out, too:)

  3. I planned Gage. I was so excited! I don't regret anything. Gage is one of the best things that I did with my life.
    James is four years older than me, and we're both ready for a family, however, James is just getting into the Nat. Guard, and I'm trying to get in the Navy, so we're waiting for a baby.

    Its hard though, James wants a baby so bad, and I do too. But We both have stuff to take care of.

    Gage's daddy {who isn't James} was kinda excited when I told him I was pregnant. He split the day after I lost Gage though, so It wasn't worth it, he wasn't the guy that I thought that he would be.

    I cringed when I saw your title {I've hit a rough patch in my recovering from losing Gage} but If not pregnant is the result you wanted, don't feel guilty about it. He's only half of the equation. You will have to give up the most. Be happy!