Sunday, June 13, 2010

To go or to stay?? (i need answers)

I am in a predictament.

Of course my Marine is on base and here I sit in Texas. Its my summer and my BFF wants me to go to Splashtown with him.

Lately my Marine and I have been feeling like we haven't been talking as much as we used to. Simply because it is my summer and I am running around with my friends and doing more things. So, he has two reasons he doesn't want me to go:
1. Me in a bikini with guys around. : / I don't blame him after yesterday.
2. Us not talking that much.

I want to go because I haven't been there in a long time, it is summer, its hot, and its a water park with my bestie. : D Fun all around. I also though don't want to go. My reasons:

1. I don't like not have my Marine with me when I am out in my Bikini, guys stare. : / I dont like it I like being able to be wrapped around his arm during times like that.
2. I, as well, think we need to get back to talking.
3. I am tired of doing things without him and having fun when he is not around.

The last one is really my main thing right now. I HATE not being able to have fun with him. It is like the main reason I don't want to go is because he is not going to be there.

As far as the not talking thing goes, he has two firewatches today and has to get a haircut. Milspouses know what the lines are like at the PX on sundays for haircuts. So that takes up even more of our talking time. He wants more firewatches, so I really have no clue what to do.

What do you ladies propose I do?? Shall I go? or shall I stay??


  1. Well, here is how I feel: you have to live your life. You both have to realize that this is how it is going to be sometimes, because you can't always be around to have fun together. You have to know that if he's having fun, you're happy for him even if you aren't there. It sucks, but you can't stop living. You can't stop having fun.

    I think you should go. At least give it a shot. If you're not comfortable in a bikini, buy a cute one piece. Regardless, guys will stare at girls. It happens. It's life. What matters is if you act on it or not, or if they do and you turn them away. You can wear normal clothes and guys will stare, haha.

    But mostly, do what you're comfortable with. :] You have to live your life too and know that when you guys can be together, it'll be fun too. Set aside a day to talk and times to if you feel your lives are getting hectic. Sometimes, you need to schedule. :]

    I hope it all works out best!

  2. If it's going to cause problems I wouldn't go. If you do go, you have to know that it could upset him. But at the same time, he doesn't run your life. It has to be give or take. Why not buy a swimsuit that covers a bit more to make you both feel more comfortable?

    You have to decide what is best in your relationship.

  3. This is the military life. He won't always be there for fun things you do, you won't always be there when he gets to do fun things. A military relationship is SO different from a civilian relationship. Doing things seperately is part of it. Take pictures, tell him about it on the phone, but don't stay holed up in your house waiting for him to call, that will just drive you insane.

    If you plan on being in this for the long haul, get used to it. You'll be doing a lot of things by yourself. LOL. Geez, I sound harsh, don't I? I am not trying to be, I guess what I'm saying is.... GO HAVE FUN!

    And I agree, buy a one piece, or even a granny suit with the little ruffles at the hips! Then send him a pic and say "SEE WHAT YOU MAKE ME DO"? LOL.

  4. This sound harsh but he isnt going to be there all the time, and you NEED a life. Go out and have fun. I hope this works out for the best.

    about the talking thing set up a webcam date. Hubs and i did this a few times it was different but fun.

  5. I think you should go. James has been away for almost three months now, and for awhile I would just sit at home all week until he calls. I have a life too. I need to have a life to stay sane without him.
    James isn't always going to be there for me. It kills me to know that, but its true. He probably won't be there when I finish my last class. He might not even watch me give birth to our first child. I think it's just part of the Milspouse life style.
    I totally agree with Lindsey, I have a one piece that I wear when I'm not swimming with the kiddies that I babysit. Usually guys won't stare when I have three young kids around me, and if I'm out in my one piece I feel like I don't have my body out displayed for everyone to see. I personally feel like James is the only man that needs to see me in a teeny bikini.
    You two will re connect, and you won't always feel the guilt about having fun without him, it just takes time.

    BTW, I promise I'm almost done with your blog!

  6. Go have fun!!! Its summer! I agree with other posters invest in a webcam, or set up a time to talk every couple of days to talk on the phone, kind of like a date.

    I have been bummed lately about my airman not being here to experience summer with me as well, but it is something I am going to have to get used to. :[