Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank you milspouses --

I wanna say thank you to all my followers for yalls help in my post yesterday. Yall all had amazing advice. Thank you so much!!! : )

I sucked it up and went to Splashtown. I don't regret going, but it was different to look around at all the couples.

It did end up being six of us. Justin, his boyfriend Brandon, his brother Jeremy, his girlfriend Nicole, their friend Amy, and then Me. We rode the Torando and the Lazy river together, then split into 2 groups. Justin, Brandon, and I rode the Stingray Racer together. They didn't want to ride any ride I wanted to so I spilt off and went by myself to ride some rides. This is when I realized I really needed my Marine with me.

I had fun, I could have had more fun, but I enjoyed myself and the sun. Speaking of which. I didn't get burnt or get darker. Weird. I hope that when my Marine comes home we will do something of the sort. Maybe Schilliterbahn.

No guy made any comment to me, some looked, but it didn't bug me. I am thinking about investing in a one piece now. : P

We do have our webcams. Ah I love it. To see his bright smile and his twinkling blue eyes. :D

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  1. i'm happy you went. Hubby and i went threw the same thing when he was gone and at first i didnt go out and do things because it upset him but then i realized he is going to be gone alot more than he is going to be here and that if we as a couple were going to make it we had to work it out. ITs hard bc we want to share the speacial moments with them but i guess thats why we have internet and camaras for.

    i left you something on my blog!!