Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Facebook && Misc --

I see alot of blogs with facebook buttons to add you wonderful bloggers as friends on Facebook. I would love to have y'all as friends on facebook, but as of now my Marine's and I's family doesn't know about my blog. Simply, because I don't want my mom to read some of the things I post for the fact that some of it she doesn't know and can't know hince the pregnancy post.

I love my family and I let them into my teenage life as much as I see the need to. If I was to let them in all the way it would be constant critizing. I don't take well to critizing, I am trying to take it better, but from my family about my relationship, friends, work, and school. I would go BONKERS!! Yes, one day I am sure I will let them into my blog to read it, but not until then.

I have so much family and friends on my facebook and I would hate to add y'all to it with all the drama of my family and friends to junk up your news feed. So I ask this should I make a second facebook to add y'all to. I mean y'all are like a second family to me and understand what I am going through with a military relationship, the advice, and laughs I get from the blogs I read.

As for the miscellaneous, last night as my Marine was preparing for Cami inspection I got bored of sitting on my bed watching. So I took it upon myself to clean my room, it was way over due. I cleaned it and put away stuff and realized he was still not DONE. I got bored AGAIN, this time I decided to rearrange my room. It was really random, at 11:00 p.m. Texas time I decided to rearrange my room. O.o Needless to say I actually finished it and he was done getting his uniform ready.

I like the way my room looks. I used to rearrange my room all the time. I like change its good!! While I was moving furniture and stuff the song Independent by Webbie came on. He was done and watching me finish up on webcam <-- Most amazing invention ever. While this song was on I was singing it and dancing, it made me realize that I was pretty independent. My Marine is on base, I have a job, to maintain, College to keep up with, and other things as well. I made a statement to him that I was independent and the look on his face was disappointment.

I felt what he was feeling, like he could be here taking care of things I shouldn't be taking care of, that he wanted to be taking care of me. That is like how I feel, I just want to be close to his base where he could be on of the ones to leave base at night and come home to a clean house that he actually felt at home with a wonderful dinner cooked. Grr, time needs to fly by!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I totally understand...I feel thesame way. My MIL doesnt know about my blog. I dont want her saying trash.

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