Friday, April 30, 2010

Milspouse Blog Hop

I found this Milspouse Blog Hop from -- Riding the Roller Coaster;;

I'm Jessica Leigh King.
Proud Marine Girlfriend.
Born in Alaska && Raised in Texas.
I can say I am a full blown country girl.
I am 17 and mature enough to make the right decisions.
I will Graduate class of 2011 from Tarkington High School.
I am currently attending Lee College for my degree to be a Office assistant.
I plan to go to a Kilgore Junior college by my grandparents.
Later I plan to attend Stephen F. Austin University to get an associates degree in CPA.
Plans can and will change due to the fact that I will follow my Marine in his Career.
I am dedicated to the Corps just like he is.
As you can probably tell I my favorite color is purple.
I am very spontaneous, and love to have fun.
I love to be outdoors, nature is beautiful.
I enjoy taking pictures to make memories live longer.
I have one true best friend -- Haylee.
(she is a fellow blogger -
I have a baby her name is Darla Lynn - she is a toy rat terrier.
I hope that this maybe let you know a little more.
--The Civilian--


My Marine && Cowboy - Edward David James - This was our first picture to take. I plan to have more up when he comes home at the end of May. : )


I took these next few pictures just for this blog entry. I wear his dogtags daily along with his class ring with them. Just one of my lazy days, hair in a mess and really not caring. I just want to lay in bed and think about how he is doing.


That is my best friend, my support when I need her. I can honestly say that she is my true friend. She has been there for me just like I have been there for her.


My baby-girl, Darla Lynn. She is a Toy Rat Terrier. I am pretty sure is the laziest dog I know. Darla knows me and my moods, she can tell when I am mad, sad, lonely upset. Its cool though she acts like me when I am in a mood. She follows me where ever I may go. The thing she does the most that I love is at night she cuddles with me to take the place of Eddie since he is not here. : ) I won't lie Darla is a very spoiled doggy.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wishing I was earlier

Just meeting Eddie was luck. Falling in love with him was in his hands. He was willing to work harder than any guy that has came around for awhile. He put in an effort that not alot of guys are willing to do. He got me close to him, to talk to him, and tell him about me. I couldn't help but open up to him, it felt so right to just poor my heart out to him. I just would glance into his big blue eyes and let everything go.

All the time we spent in the truck, most people keep quite and dont say a lot to each other or have the radio playing, not us. We talked the whole time, sharing stories, jokes, or old memories. I would tell him a story and he would listen. It wasn't like that fake listen either. He let me know he was listening, squeezing my hand, pulling me closer when I needed that comfort, laughing, nodding his head, and trying to look me in the eyes but having to keep them on the road. I would finish he would comment on it, and start into his story. We just talked, laughed, and made memories the whole time we were together in that truck. Everything felt so right with him.

Those 6 days I spent with him, they were different. They made me realize that he was the love I wanted to be in. I just wish I was earlier. I wish I was the girl that went to the airport with him when he left for BCT, that I was the one to get that hug and kiss good-bye. I wish I was the girl that was at his graduation to run up and give him a hug, a kiss, and tell him how proud I was of him to make it through that. I wish I could have spent his 10 day leave after graduation with him and take him back to the airport, but now I am "that girl".

Now, that I get to claim to be a proud United States Marine Girlfriend, I get to go through the good and bad times with him. I get to go to the graduations, drop him off at the airport and greet him when he comes home, and be his needed support. I get to be his back bone with him. I will be there for everything here on out. I don't plan to go anywhere. Along with the good comes the bad, possible deployments, constant moving, and seperation.

I look around every where I go, I see all the cute couples that get to spend every waking moment with their significant others. I often think to myself "What are you doing? That could be you!", as easily as I could be in that relationship, I don't want to be. I want to be in this Military relationship, I love it I wouldn't trade it for the world. Everything is different in this relationship.

You cherish everything you have with him, you kiss as much as possible, keep hold of his hand as long and often as you can. You make a memory every time you turn around. You often find your self smelling his cologne cause when he is gone all you have our the memories and you carry them with you where ever you go, because your going to want to relive those memories all the time when he is gone.

Its all worth when he comes home, not everyone can say they fall in love every time they see their significant other, I can. You get to feel that first kiss again, the feeling of his arms around you, his smell. You love it all and I know I wouldn't trade it for the world. I can honestly say I am proud to be a United States Marine Girlfriend.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meeting the Marine(s)

There is alot of ways to meet a Marine. For example, in person walking down the street you may cross one and never know it, online in a blog, chatroom, or any other kind of social networking environment, and of course that one guy you were friends with that wanted to enlist and did. Imagine all the possibilities of meeting a Marine, they are literally ENDLESS.

I personally never believed in meeting a guy online and falling in love with him. I was on stickam meeting new people around the world and country. I see this guy dressed like a civilian, but had a military haircut. *Curiousity kills the cat* I send him an IM ans simply said "Military?" He responded "Yeah Marines". Suddenly I see four guys crowd the camera, they turned out to be his room mates, James, Mullins and Wiskki. I continued to talk to Klein, after about a month of talking, he was granted to go home for RA. While he was home him and I lost contact, but I still proceded to talk to him roommates. I ws attracted to Mullins, him and I talk on a daily basis. The other guys would jump in and out. One of the Marines to me stood out a little, he was shy quite and country, I couldn't help but have a crush on him.

Soon, they all had my number to text me if they needed anything or just to chat. Mullins, seemed to be getting really attached to me and I was liking it. I sent him care packages and letters so he would feel a little closer to home. After talking for about a month he decided that he wanted to call me "his girl", I agreed to hold the title of his girlfriend. The room mates began to back off, and going back to doing their own little things.

Everything was going good between him and I, until one day noticed he was looking upset like he had just got some bad news. I was curious yet again, so I asked "why"? He showed me a picture of his baby-girl, but not just any baby-girl, HIS baby-girl. I was shocked about it that he didn't tell me about her, however; I accepted the fact he did have a kid, because at that point he claimed to not be in a relationship with the mom. The next day the truth really shined through when I could tell he was really mad, I asked what was bugging him. He told me he didn't want to tell me because it would make me not talk to him anymore and he didn't want that cause "he loved me". I finally got him to tell me, turned out that his baby-mama was actually his WIFE. She found out about me and was declaring to know what was going on.

Of course, I didn't want to talk to me. He told me they were getting a divorce and that he could continue to talk to me. I talked to him still, but only to find out it was nothing but drama. He was telling me not to talk to other guys and becoming really possesive. I never saw the logic of that with him staying married. He was putting me under alot of stress and tearing me apart. I was getting to the point of saying good-bye for good. I tried multiple times too. Things got easier as soon as James got to take a week of leave to come home.

James, I still had a crush on and I was glad to hear that he was coming home. Mullins was not happy about this and didn't want me to be around him. James just wanted to take me to the movies and hang out with him. I said I would even though Mullins did not approve. I hung out
him 6 out of the 7 days he was home. I gradually quit talking to Mullins. James was a really great guy. I got to meet his family and spend hours upon hours with him. I loved every minute of it, he was the guy I had been looking forward to meet for a long time. James and I had so much in common, we always had a story and a laugh to share with one another. I grew very attached to him the few days he was home. The last night he brought me home and he didn't want to leave. He asked my mom personally if he could stay the night with me, so he could say good-bye to me in the morning and she agreed.

We went to bed and time seemed to fly by. I woke up early that morning to get him up. My mom made breakfast for him, and I made breakfast for me. I laid in his arms on the couch after eating, I felt so safe and I didn't want him to leave. The time came for him to head to his house and go to the airport. He went and changed and I grabbed his iTouch and wrote a little note in his notes on it. I wanted to ride with him but we had family plans for easter. The farthest I got to go was to his truck. I told myself to stay strong and not cry, not only for me but for him too. I stayed strong and didn't cry. I Gave him a hug and a kiss. He let me keep his dogtags and insisted on me having his class ring, so I accepted it. Before he got in his truck to leave my house, he asked for me to be his girlfriend. I was in shock, because Mullins and I had agreed to not be a couple anymore and James was everything I was looking for, I glady accepted the title of a United States Marine Girlfriend. I just never realized everything that came along with it.

I have come to find out that there is ALOT of Marine girlfriends,wives, and fiances. That makes me feel better cause I now know I am not alone and can actually find support to help me through these difficult times.